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Nuova Traduzione Italiana di Final Fantasy VII

Non-Dialogue Documentation HERE.(Last update: 1/May/2021 19:00 CET. Reason: Review of some dialogues.)
v1.5 Downloads:

* Installer, translation only: HERE
* Italian High-Res Textures (use with FFNx): HERE
* 7th Heaven IRO (Translation + Textures, read below for 7th Heaven mod installation): HERE

* Vanilla Final Fantasy 7 Steam version 1.0.9
* OR FF7 with 7th Heaven installedFeatures:

* Built upon Reunion R05c
* Game fully translated into Italian from scratch
* Additional graphical tweaks and script fixes of my own
* Compatible with FFNx.Useful links:

* Installation guide:
* Modder's page:
Further Modding:

* FFNx Driver:
* 7th Heaven:
7th Heaven Installation:

* enable Fancy Transparency (Trasparenza Forzata) from Settings > Game Driver > Advanced. Do NOT mix this mod with other User Interface mods in the Catalogue.
* For a full high res mod, I recommend the following IRO packages from Satsuki : Battle, Field, Spell, Worldmap, FMV.
* Always keep my IRO as highest priority (top) in the list.
This project's goal is to retranslate FF7 into Italian using Daniel Burke's Reunion as the English source for the dialogues, while constantly cross-checking with the original Japanese script. For non-dialogue terms I will be reusing official translations as much as possible. My aim is not to have a localization that looks only to FF7 as a stand-alone game, i want it to blend well with the other Final Fantasy games we already have in Italian.

Among the fixes from the original script: Cait Sith has the accent it needs (link to video preview), Reno gets his verbal tic adapted, Red XIII speech pattern emphasizes pre and post Cosmo Canyon... and much more. A few in-game screenshots HERE.

Report any bugs, translation issues and other suggestions in this thread.

Status: Completed
Spoiler: show

    Flevel (overall progress): 693/693 (100%)

    ff7.exe: Completed
    Kernel.bin: Completed
    kernel2.bin: Completed
    scene.bin: Completed
    world_us: Completed
    movies: Completed
    minigames: Completed

Spoiler: show
    0.25a - Translated until the World Map.
    1.00 - First full release.
    1.01 - Fix Forgotten capital hang. Minor changes to a few dialogues.
    1.02 - Added italian magic.lgp.
    1.03 - Fixed in-battle help text spillover.
    1.04 - Finished proofreading playtrough of disc 1.
    1.05 - Finished first proofreading playtrough. Updated ending2 video.
    1.05a-b - Various minor fixes, tweaks and corrections.
    1.06 - Fixed help text & action box flickering in battle.
    1.07 - High-res jenova_e video.
    1.08 - Names of a few NPCs changed.
    1.08a - A few dialogues updated following R06b release.
    1.08b - Minor text fixes and minor script fix at Chocobo farm.
    1.09 - Bugfixes: Text against Sephiroth rinato, command name bar in battle, missing italian textures.
    1.10 - Text update due to the release of FFVII: Remake. Fixed "Limite di !" bug in the very last battle. Fixed middle character's name disappearance when healing with magic outside of battle.
    1.10a - Field names length bug fixed.
    1.10b - Final (?) Cait Sith proof check. Big props to Kuraudo.
    1.11 - Chocobo minigame texture fix.
    1.12 - Chocobo sex display bug in the bottom right box fixed. Ghost cursor in the materia menu (Esamina -> Magia/Invoca/Nemitec) fixed.
    1.5 - First version compatible with FFNx. IRO containing Menu, Prelude and Magic high res textures released.


- Daniel Burke for:
   Reunion, Exe documentation, various editing tools, Ochu, BoxFF7:

- SadNes City Translations, authors of the first FFVII PC Italian localization

- Luksy for:

- Myst6re for:
   Makou Reactor:
   Vincent Tim:
   Kernel2 compressor:

- sithlord48 for:
   Black Chocobo:

- satsuki for:
   Main author of SYWV5:
   Upscaled ending2 video, gave me permission to include high-res textures from his pack into my own for consistency.

- Aavock for:
        Aavock UI 1:1Remastered:
   Greatly contributing to SYWV5, original author of some of the high-res textures included.

- 7th Heaven for:
   JordieBo prelude font: (old thread)
   Magic tarot png textures

- Panteleimon for:
   ZomiPlayFont UI:

- Kuraudo. for:
   Major help in post-release proof checking. Upscaled jenova_e video:

- usb for:
   Translated prelude and magic png textures

Special shoutout to Tim Roger's "Let's mosey", an amazingly educational and entertaining video series about FF7's translation mistakes.[/list][/list][/list]

Grandissimi!! Proprio in questi giorni passavo di qua pensando a quanto sarebbe stato bello avere finalmente pure in Italiano la ritraduzione basata sulla versione Reunion


the pach is not compatible with 7thHeaven because it only works with the ff7_bc.exe so you can't use the mods ... do you have a solution?

At this stage it's not meant to be used with any mod. It's to be used only with vanilla steam FF7 1.0.9.

BTW I've updated the installer a few times today. In case someone has the very first version you should download and patch again. There were a few bugs. Mostly dialogue windows "spilling over" to the black portion of the screen in the bottom, which should never happen.


cmq thanks for this translation I hope in the future in a version compatible with the mod.


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