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Download BCC DEMO: HERE.
(Last update: 30/11/2021. Reason: Added Chapter 2)

Github: HERE.
Discord: HERE.
Tutorial Videos: HERE.
Twitch Stream: TUNE IN.
Compendium: BC OG material.
Trailer: YOUTUBE.

Make a donation: HERE.

What's Before Crisis: Cissnei?
Before Crisis: Cissnei is a passion project led by a team of Final Fantasy fans that aims to replicate and faithfully expand upon the original Before Crisis flip-phone game, which never came out of Japan and is nowadays unplayable.
The game is being developed on RPG Maker MV with skillful hand of Obesebear, founder of the project, that has painstakingly extracted and recreated all of the backgrounds (currently of chapter 1). While the tireless cyclone Devina did a meticulous job in restoring the portraits to be a 1:1 comparison of their phone counterparts, adding 2D sprites, implementing a battle system and was relentless in trying to always find the next programming solution and put it into place. Thanks to Rizzle, the full script is being revised and new lifed has been breathed into the dialogue. Last but not least, Xhris surprised us with some fantastic graphic and UI edits.
The game takes place six years prior to FFVII and tells the story of the Turks as they face the newly formed terrorist group known as "Avalanche".

Before Crisis: Cissnei and Before Crisis: Cissnei Final Mix

We need you!
     Please pop in if you want to join us:

* Programmer
* Pixel Artist
* Multi-language translators

* Windows
* 500mb space

* Totally revamped dialogues
* Updated graphics
* Widescreen
* High-quality reproduction of sound
* Voice Acting
* Nostalgic UI
* RPG combat system
* Discover the untold story 6 years prior FF7
How to install

* Double click installer, play it
Spoiler: show

Known issues:

* Bug
To-do list

* Chapter 2 to 25 backgrounds
* Sprites
* Try implement ABS
Spoiler: show
* Final Mix 0.1a - Demo out


   Script writer
   Graphic/UI editor
    Resource Manager

VA Credits:

   First Avalanche member
-J.W. Richardson:
    Second Avalanche member
-Blackjack Gabbiani:
    Down with Shinra

Special Thanks:

   A ton of help (Gaia's Children developer and RPG Maker Wizard)
   Voice recruitment
   Support, BC original demo
    Video trailer

That's really cool you're trying to remake it.

I finished RichterW's and while it was serviceable and good for a fan effort, there were some annoying parts, lack of battle sound effects, lots of typos, and it crashed a few times on me.

I know this sounds like a crazy idea, but how would you feel about adding in a fandub?
It's not a super long game, some characters like Aerith/Barret/Zack only appear for a chapter or 2, so everyone who offers their voices wouldn't have to do much work (except Shotgun's).

Totally fine with a fandub, actually already talked with tsunamix about it for a bit.  Though it would need to be someone else programming it in.  Once it's done, everything will be made public for people to improve upon. I will likely loop the ost tracks and phone tracks as an option.
The only change I'll be making is switching shotgun for Cissnei since she's a canon character. Once it's done I'd like to make all of them playable, but realistically that probably won't happen

That's so cuuuute! About the voice over, I think it would really help with covering up for the low graphic levels and there could be parts of individual character graphics popping up everytime  there's a dialogue or at least in the important parts of the story so as users will be able to watch the characters in a more clear perspective. Like it happens in the visual novels.

Uploaded a new video. I've got some of the scripting figured out. Unfortunately, I ran into some hiccups trying to implement an active battle system, so I'll have to look into that again a little later. But so far I'm pretty happy with how this is turning out. It's just taking me a little bit of time to learn RPG maker, but I think I have the basics down.

I've also got a messaging system plugin to more easily manage the text boxes and face locations, so all of that will be sorted by the next video.


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