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What's the best way to play FFVIII these days?

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I saw there's a remaster on Steam, but other than the upgraded character models and PS1 soundtrack, it doesn't have a lot going for it. I looked at Steam forums and another Reddit thread and couldn't really get a conclusive answer(which I'm afraid might be the case still).

How does the Remaster compare to the 2013 Steam release with mods? Any one have any specific mods they'd recommend. I looked at Qhimm and there are a ton, but none are really comprehensive overhauls like 7th Heaven or REMAKO for FFVII.

This is far, very far from the right place to ask this... FF7 audio mod releases section? Did you just pick a section at random?

Can we get this moved, please?

Anyway, once it's modded, there's not a huge difference between 2013 and Remaster. I still use 2013 as all of the mods have yet to be ported. Once Lunatic Pandora Remastered is completed, I'll switch. That will be your overhaul for the entire game. Remako is just updated backgrounds (SYW is currently superior) and 7th Heaven is just a mod manager.

ngl had to smirk hard due to the subforum this was asked in. thanks for that :P

How in the hell did you manage to post a general question about FF8 in a forum for FF7 audio programs?  You're not even close.

Please pay attention next time.  Thread moved.

On topic; if you are a bit patient, as soon as Mcindus is back to action (shouldnt be long) the best way will no doubt be to play it with pretty much all of his mods and the upcoming field upscale mod hes working on with the FFVIII Steam Remaster.


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