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An Actual Step-by-Step On Extracting FF8 PSX Files?


There's never seem to be a definitive way to get whatever's needed to edit some texts and spell names from the IMG file and putting it back together. FFIX's Hades Workshop makes editing stuff incredibly easy, but for some reason extracting VIII is required instead of just opening the BIN file in a program.

Aside from the fact I can't extract the IMG file with some of the IMG extracting tools I've used, I'm at my wit's end on what to do. Every search on this topic always leads to a dead end, and it doesn't help that people are focusing on the PC ports too.

I'll even pay if someone can edit stuff for me. I'll just be happy with a few changes. If you're interested, please let me know.

Use Deling program, open this , go to your FFVIII folder , open folder data, search your languaje folder , open the desire folder and select one archive.
Deling can open field.fs, the rest of files are a folder and Deling give you import/export options

Can you please explain what you mean by going into my FFVIII Folder (which has my BIN and CUE files)?

So you want me to open Deling, then to the folder icon on the upper left?

Sorry, i forgot you want modify PSX version , i don´t have this version but it´s possibly you need a diferent program to extract files at the ISO. Try CDMage or Ultraiso


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