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Hello all, first post here, but I have an idea that I think would be very unique and different Mod in terms of what it does. In short it would be a scavenger hunt, not to be confused with the amazing Scavenger Mod however. The main goal of it would be to add "McGuffins" throughout the game in hidden or overlooked areas. Places like the left side of the Shinra balcony, or the "dead ends" in the Temple of the Ancients' clock room. The use for these would probably be to get end-game things early via trading them in to an NPC somewhere, most likely on the Highwind. I don't know if custom items can be added, but that could be a reward as well.
  I'm not sure if there is a mod like this currently, as I didn't find anything in a quick google search. If there is I would much like to try it out. Since I have no modding knowledge, this is a free idea for anyone to run with.

Yea it's a really nice idea, the implementation of the scripts might be difficult for users like us, but the developers can easily accomplish it. I really hope they do.


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