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OG PC disks or Steam release?


Been a long while, hope all the OG Qhimm crew are doing well and the new members are having fun. Looks like the last time I tried FF7 modding was midway through 2020 and I was just playing with the tools. Getting the itch again and probably won't be on/doing any of the big projects but thinking about tinkering.

Anyways as the subject asks, Should I continue to use my OG 97 disks or upgrade to tinkering with the Steam release?

Also blanking on some of the umm... history going on with the board so if there's toes not to step on, things not to mention, etc. can someone give me a general rundown?

All of the mods should work fine with the OG disks. The Steam edition needs a small tweak to get mods to work, but they all work with both versions. Apart from that, Steam won’t need a no-CD patch and has a speed up cheat. My disks work except for one video file that is corrupted on the first one so I can’t play with disks anymore. I have my videos saved on my drive and the registry pointed to them as the source of the FMVs.
My take is if you have working disks then don’t bother with the Steam edition. I have made minimal changes to my config and it all still works fine for me. I also stay away from board drama so I couldn’t advise about what topics not to bring up.

At this point I keep my 2 sets of OG discs in a tin and a lockbox, hopefully they outlive me. I made backup ISO's and just tend to run those with appropriate patches. But I probably would only use steam version for applied hacks, especially speed hack to get to an area I'm testing. I don't like board drama either, I just remember the was some and figured maybe there's some rule like the Doom boards not liking whatever his face that made Brutal Doom being brought up.

Gosh, we've been totally drama free for a year and a half! Don't worry about it.


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