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Hext German Translation

Some is fixed, I can't change one thing, in Status (Acc. To Zub.) even if I change it, the change do not appear, i have no idea why.

But otherwise the spelling is 100% Correct.

i hope someday i see this in "Tsunamods__Enhanced_Stock_UI" by default xD it needs only one change in 00-Main.txt

{Box width
6C9C7F = 90

I guess I wouldn't be the only one who would like this customization.

EDIT: "Link Work again"


Set IRO Priority over  [Tsunamods] Enhanced Stock UI

Please reupload your files

Hey nuada. Our Team has already made it possible to go even further.

In our hext there is no Acc. to Zub. error. Further we managed to write the full "Nein" while quitting the game and we made it possible to see the complete word "Schl├╝sselobjekte". Further the complete menu looks now like the psx version and you see "Limit-Ebene", "Anordnen" and of course "Substanz" instead of "Materia". And there is way more.

Please take a look at the qhimm discord server. We would really appreciate if you could help us with the ultimate german translation! On discord you can talk to my friend @jtd, he is trying to get everything together:


--- Quote from: nuada on 2022-05-01 20:10:02 ---Hi, I have a 99% translated EXE. But to change "Buy Sell Exit" do not work. Not sure why I haven't found a way.

--- End quote ---

@Nuada could you please reupload this file too?


--- Quote from: leatitia on 2022-12-30 14:40:15 ---@Nuada could you please reupload this file too?

--- End quote ---

Hi yes, that is all what I have, but I can't find the PSX Version EXE, maybe later. But PSX is not 100% accurate, because some stuff sounds out of time, but a 100% original accurate is also welcome. :)

Would be nice if you could also send me a hext or whatever to test with. (that stuff i wasn't able to fix)


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