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I've recently discovered 7th heaven and have installed a bunch of mods, everything seemed to be working fine but then it crashed after I left the area with the building on fire right after the first reactor explosion, I have the zipped crash report but I'm not sure how to add it to this, or if I even can? lol.

Pretty obvious question but which mods do you use? Afaik old FF7 is very very sensitive to mods.

I too am now for some reason experiencing a random crash. Before I could troubleshoot and figure out what it was and fix it. This time however, I've gone through the entire game with no crashes but now it will crash randomly during the Safer fight. At first I thought it was his big long move doing it, but I tried the fight again today and he used it against me with no issues (except a lot of hurt lol). Its kinda frustrating since I've come all this way and now I cant finish the game. I can show my mod list if its needed, but I cant think for the life of me what is causing it save for my battle texture mod? Otherwise it could be NT since I'm using that, but that would suck majorly since I obviously can't turn that off lol.


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