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Game isn't launching through 7th Heaven, with mods on or off


I had this working about a year ago, though admittedly it's been about that long and so I forgot how to work this program.  I'm using the steam version of the game 100% legit bought copy fyi.

When I hit play through 7th heaven - well.. first it told me "failed to find game disc", which I was able to fix via another thread saying to mount the disc copy that's located in the 7th heaven folder, though I don't remember this being a problem originally.

Now that I have the ISO loaded it launches the game for about 1/2 a second and then crashes back out to desktop, or doesn't fully load to begin with, however you wanna look at it...  Doesn't make a difference whether I have any mods loaded or none at all.

I'm not sure how to get a log of the game launch to post here, if that would help?  Or any ideas what's wrong?

Also, when I load the game through steamit works, but the continue button is greyed out as if I have no saves, which is another issue I need to get to at some point I guess - unless 7th Heaven used a separate folder or way to load saves?

Actually I got it working already, so you can disregard this entire post and delete it...

I just needed to update 7th Heaven, all good now, thanks anyway.


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