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Always love peeking in to see new things. This is beautifully awesome and I can't wait to play with it on. Doesn't feel like too long ago that we could mess with map data at all. I'm curious if it's possible to add new content to the map eventually. Probably would have to be in a new engine. Still this makes me look forward to my next playthrough.

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace
« on: 2022-08-01 12:52:08 »
So, i already decided what 'puzzle' i want to put as optional content :/
I can make that every piece change his rotation randomly(same as the position).
I think i can put as many images as i want  8)

Dang! I'm trying to guess how you did this. Objects or controllable NPC's maybe? Neat though!

WIP / Re: Two Mod sugestions for OG VII
« on: 2022-06-23 08:07:03 »
Well,i made something similar for Cobalt and Indigo(also Deneh xD),in my mod, "Des-Enlace".
I put Cobalt and Indigo as optional enemies, with his own history and random encounters to fight with them in the forests of world map. But........the mod is in spanish :/

Well ,mod all of that could take some time, its not an easy task ,as Furzball say. Think that you need to create the models, the battles, create dialogs,create the events without fuck the rest of the game xD, etc,etc ,you need maaaany time to do that,but  all that you say could be done  :wink:.

Opps, I may have been thinking of your mod when commenting it was New Threat. Sorry if that was the case. Just knew I saw pic/clip of Cobalt and Indigo on the Zack Cliff overlooking Midgar.

WIP / Re: Two Mod sugestions for OG VII
« on: 2022-06-22 05:50:37 »
Yeah agreeing on wrong section to request mods.

First off I will recommend downloading the Seventh Heaven mod loader. It’s a good and easiest start to modding FF7. I don’t know of any mod turning Red into a party leader but I think New Threat has Cobalt and Indigo as enemies. There’s also a mod to turn Red into a werewolf but it may require some jerry rigging you’re nit ready for.

As for your Behamut idea, some of the field and battle stuff can be done but it would take quite a bit and effort that probably only you would want to do.

Modding FF7 is not like Minecraft, Skyrim/Fallout, or other games with modding capabilities. The folks on here had to craft their own tools and figure out the things they can tinker and jerry rig to work. Think of FF7 as a college level course with a hands off professor. You want something you have to put in some effort and research. Play with the tools, look through the threads, etc. We’ll help but we’re all working on our own class projects.

General Discussion / FF7 new announcements as a modder
« on: 2022-06-17 02:37:08 »
I know I have been on here forever and haven’t modded much. Was feeling the itch again awhile ago and trying to teach myself about the tools available and things we are able to mod/do with FF7 OG.

Waited for the 25th anniversery announcements with all the enthusiasm of a FF7 fan. Especially excited for the Remake part2 (Rebirth). Holding verdict on Ever Crisis but thought it was cool that everyone gets to experience compilation. Not too enthused about the cashgrabs though. As much as I was excited for First Soldier I got burned out during first season.

The Crisis Core remake (some ppl saying reskin but to me it looks like they are rebuilding the game in Unreal Engine) is what is bugging me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m jazzed on the same level as Ever Crisis cause fans may ( depending on if they redo Dirge of Cerberus) get to experience the full compilation on current systems. But it puts something I want to do on a backburner.

I’ve been working on a Zack mod again. My first goal was to make Zack’s battle avatar. My hard goal in that was making the DMW limits work in FF7og. Knowing that I can’t change Limits I thought that using Vincent’s transformations, like the Shinra mod (Hellistic Hojo) and Sephiroth (into Safer Sephiroth) transformation, to make Alternate Zacks perform necessary limits. With some sort of ai code to transform back into regular Zack after the attack.

I figured once I got a decent Crisis Core Zack battle model working I could slowly ( probably would take years) make a Demake of Crisis Core in FF7og. Hence why even though I’m glad they are doing CC Remake, I’m bummed cause it just makes my idea feel… uninspired, like a ripoff more than it was, etc.

Idk have any of you started a project and saw something come out that is similar but puts yours to shame? Do you just drop the project or find a way to move forward? Any thoughts and opinions for me to examine would be appreciated.

I still have my flash mx disc still kicking it in my cd binder. I’m sorting that binder out and getting rid of stuff that is out of date/better options. But I remembered back when it was discovered that through some codec on flash mx and frame counting we could change out the ff7 pc movies. Is that still whats happening or is there a better way now? Otherwise I probably should toss it since the internet hates flash now lol

Edit: Somewhat found my answer:
- Flash MX is not required. It was the preferred software Grimmy used for his remastered replacement FMV's from 2009. Apparently I'm stuck in the past thinking that and Remako were the pretty new shine on FF7. Been seeing Satsuki's work pop up but I was completely wrong about what it was. I thought it was a driver like Aeli's. So I've been looking at their posts to try and find the process they use which goes above my head in the post production stuff. So I'm not quite sure how to edit videos past what I did around that time which was using Flash MX. I think that I can use Blender and or Di Vinci if I want to make any video edits as long as I pay attention to Frame Rate/ total frames? Not sure. Going to research some more but burned out at the moment.

Edit: I've seen peoples links to other sites like a tutorial for character modeling on a french site and such. So besides Qhimm is there other good places to go to read up on the technicals of modding FF7?

So right now I've been fiddling around with Kimera, Ifalna, Black Chocobo, and Makou Reactor for my modding. Went after Libre and Wallmarket to try to mess with limit breaks. Looking through the forum it mostly looks like I need to install an older version of windows since they don't like 10. I'm just considering Virtual Box on my laptop to run the tools and be able to transfer the files back and forth between win10 and that. But which OS do ya'll think would work better?

Pretty much I'm going after learning how the tools work again hoping that my mushy brain can figure them out better then before. I've mostly just figured out changing around field models and adding new entry/exit points/ladders by making access to the cave up a vine in the Ancient Forest Valley just before the city. I'm trying to place goals on things to learn how to do:

Edit and replace fields/events/walkmesh even. I have a couple ideas in mind for things but just seeing what I can do so I know what I can't do.

Character modeling: wonky but doable

Edit limit breaks: Currently what I'm researching. I was thinking I'd theme my studies on the old replace Cloud with Zack project. I was curious if I could tweak Cait Sith's limit break into ones from Zack in Crisis Core. So more than just attributes/status effects I have to see if I can edit the animations and somehow get the slots to do different ones. Part of wanting to learn how custom I can make characters.
Looks like this one may be a bust. It looks like there have been some attempts but mostly it's caused the game to freeze. Looks like the Red Werewolf mod is trying to swap some of Nanakis LBs with Vincents. So far on Youtube I've only seen him use Sled Fang but it did no damage. In another post Sega Chief mentions being able to switch magic animations in but I am reading otherwise as well. Looks some of the coding is in the executable so messing with it is bad in general. Was able to swap in Barrets Limit Breaks to Cloud. Most break his bones but AngerMax looks ok. Not much can be done for swapping the LBreak names if same is used on two characters.

Reading all this I might be able to swap Cait Sith out with Zacks animations at best. Not sure if I could change the slots textures and the random effects cannot be changed from my guess.

Replace FMVs: I think the community has mostly got a handle on this and I'm going to be relearning Blender (New UI since I last messed with it).

Replace text: This one is the easiest from what I remember

Edit Summons, Magic, Enemy skills, etc.: Kernel.Bin I think same as limit breaks above. Would be another interest group to mess with. I think I've read they're limited entries just like field scenes though.

World Editing: As far as I know texture edits can be done but that's it. So IDK what I can do about world editing but if someone can let me know I'm misinformed I'd welcome it. Especially if theres ways to Add new models, vehicles, or events.

Any ideas to try out based off your experiences I'd appreciate the suggestions.

Maybe it is positionned under the ground?

Ok, I need glasses apparently.

What I figured out

First I tried your suggestion, It just raised the question point of the save mark up in the air. So I reset what I did by copying flevel out of the steam default file. Went back and saw that the flame on the savepoint was very faint anyways. So I moved it again and I saw this time that it was there. Checked the original pic and noticed slight discoloration that looks like its there as well. Default steam game even has the flames as very faint for some reason so it wasn't 7th heaven or any mods that were causing the flames to be faint. I'll probably work with a different save location from now on. Just so I can see everything up close when I try experimenting on other things. Probably the Midgar tutorial room. Thank you for the suggestion but it was me being blind lol.


Did experiments and moved savepoint. Save Point turned into Hard Hat man cause I had deleted all other model groups aside from cloud/party and one listed save. Tried adding Yuffie to the end of the list of NPCs and added her model to the map. But ended up in an odd position. When I talk to the materia it says what I copy pasted for it. Yuffies model obviously shifted what models show up where since I on accident spawned her in the middle of the list. I had to reset flevel when I tried to delete her model and put Nanaki in it's place. Which is where I'm at right now. Hoping that making sure to add a new model at the end of the model list will give better results.

Whew! That was the problem with the model. Added small script to give all Materia and it worked. I didn't set any stop to it though so anytime you walk up to her you get another (whoops). But feeling good that I can mess with on screen NPCs. Not sure what to do next, probably go somewhere to see if I can mess with walk mesh. Maybe add a climbable vine to the cave in the ancient city and see about adding a new area.

Edit: and some hours later I'm fiddling with placing a ladder on the coral valley vine going up to the walkmesh in front of the cave. I feel like I almost have it but coordinates are off slightly. Plus at this point I have distractions at work (half my shift is easy with no one bugging me but the other half...) and I've been trying to figure this out for hours with my only breaks going towards my job. So I'll see if I can get it to work tomorrow.

Edit: Apparently ladders are complicated lol. I'll go look at some other ideas and come back to it.


MWAHAHA! HA!HAHAHA!HAAAA! Ok it was a donkey and a half but I finally got the vine to work. It was seriously just rolling numbers and copy pasting ladder from bone village until I got it to work.


Taking a little pride in my first modification in a long time thanks to this tool. First time for me doing a field edit. Did characters, texts, even FMV edits but was scared of field edits. Although by accident I used my 7th heaven copy of FF7 for tinkering rather than the steam files.

Also just wondering what I might be doing wrong where the save object is not coming with its' flame effect?

Troubleshooting / Re: OG PC disks or Steam release?
« on: 2022-02-05 10:52:04 »
At this point I keep my 2 sets of OG discs in a tin and a lockbox, hopefully they outlive me. I made backup ISO's and just tend to run those with appropriate patches. But I probably would only use steam version for applied hacks, especially speed hack to get to an area I'm testing. I don't like board drama either, I just remember the was some and figured maybe there's some rule like the Doom boards not liking whatever his face that made Brutal Doom being brought up.

Troubleshooting / OG PC disks or Steam release?
« on: 2022-02-04 11:10:12 »
Been a long while, hope all the OG Qhimm crew are doing well and the new members are having fun. Looks like the last time I tried FF7 modding was midway through 2020 and I was just playing with the tools. Getting the itch again and probably won't be on/doing any of the big projects but thinking about tinkering.

Anyways as the subject asks, Should I continue to use my OG 97 disks or upgrade to tinkering with the Steam release?

Also blanking on some of the umm... history going on with the board so if there's toes not to step on, things not to mention, etc. can someone give me a general rundown?

General Discussion / Re: Trailer for Last order dub
« on: 2020-06-21 20:31:36 »
Just watched their completed version. SOOooo worth it!

So whenever I look at the field models through Makou reactor, I barely get to see and arm/leg, and maybe it spins or zooms depending on what mouse buttons I press. Tried Shift, CTRL, and Alt keys with mouse buttons to try and get models to pan. Again, only Zoom/rotating. Am I missing something? I see on Tsunamods Youtube that it seems to default to center and I'm guessing that it is like that for everyone else. I'm just curious how I messed mine up between unzipping it and turning it on lol. Thanks, I appreciate any help.



Ok I've seen your project come up but wasn't sure if it was still in progress. Awesome features! Guessing they're only in your engine though so I'll have to download and try it out. Plus maybe see what I can tinker with on it. How'd you recommend getting started?

Hey folks, Long time on and off tinkerer here that some of you may remember. Glad to see Qhimm is still going and doing awesome things. I've started downloading the tools and fiddling with FF7 again just to see what can be done. After seeing things with the New Threat mod I'd be jazzed to see what I can do. Although more than likely I'll just break my copy of the game alot lol. Looks like Makou Reator will be interesting. Kimera was a headache to get installed but finally got it working last night. I still remember the trick to remaking movies in ff7 and have flash mx to do so. Not going for a big project Like the Zack project wouldve been.

However I'm curious what other Qhimm members have to say about what things in modding they are excited about? I see Qgears and a few other projects have been ghosted. What things should I try doing just to tinker?

@Shard:Yoshinori Kitase was recently asked in Weekly Famitsu (during an interview about the G-Bike game for mobile devices) about possibility of a remake. He states that the G-Bike game would be watched and could "pave the path". It is still a Schroeder's cat of if or not it will be remade but yet again gives SE a look at the customer base for such a game. Just crossing my fingers on it. And yes most likely they wouldn't make FF7 moddable. Most likely if it is at all moddable it is because we figure out how to.

Really wish they would quit with untested ideas for awhile and catch up on HD updates/remakes. Aside from FF7 I'd want FF8 update.

Q-gears is an exciting project and yes I do know of it. I used to frequent the boards and even made some attempt at adding a mod. Though needed help and completely failed especially once a laptop overheated and I tended not to make backups. I'd be excited if Q-gears got to the stage of an usable tool like Elderscrolls Construction Kit. If there were ways to convert the FF7 files into updated resources and more easily moddable because of that, it'd be fun to poke around in it again (for me). Alas it'll be a long while before any such thing happens.

Ok with the G-Bike demo teaser supposedly test running the idea for a remake to FF7, I started to nostalgia for FF7. Thank you steam for making it easier to install. Anyways I got to thinking about the remake. I know I havent been on the boards or contributed for a long time so this post is out of the blue. Let's say that SE makes the new FF7 to be everything we dreamed for. Open world, moddable, Pc plus playstation, hq graphics, the works. Would Qhimm community switch over to modding the remake or continue working on the original? Most likely both I'd wager. What types of projects would you all enjoy bringing to both versions if there were the tools/resources for both?

Glad to still see things going on healthily here :)

General Discussion / Re: Automated modeler
« on: 2012-04-21 01:38:11 »
While a modeler of that degree might not be applicable to FF7 we could do something where modelers could pool parts they make, parts from the game, etc. and you could scroll through them. The program has to be made though and has to read ff7 model files. Quite a task.

So quick update:
With school and everything I've gotten about halfway through the script. If I could use my laptop to play I'd be working on it at night but alas, my laptop is being all screwy. Apart from that, I'm working about 2 to 4 hours on it one day a week. Was monday till my late start classes but luckily wednesday opened up (ditched a girl to get my wednesdays off. So know I'm suffering for making you all wait lol). Sorry it's taking so long. Having to make edits and such for the story. Writing up new profiles for the characters and whatnot.

Spoiler: show
Like Tifa being more of an android then Barrett was. Mainly to explain her arms Zack being drawn more to Cissnei after Aeris. Tifa's search for Cloud and being adoptive mom for Marlene. Introducing Aerith and Cissnei to Zacks' parents. Less crazy Sephiroth, moreso out for revenge. Like when up North Crater the first time, replays some scenes from Cloud's past, I put in more of Sephiroth's thought's on his state of mind, losing his friends, etc. leading up to his "madness". Cissnei revealing her real name. :)

I think "Squall's Dead" and "Rinoa==Ultimecia" make the story better.  I was bummed when Square explicitly ruled them out.
Love the romantic merit to that. Ultramecia stalking squall in dissidia as her past lover.

Just wondering if I should post updates? Pretty much story spoilers though.

On a side note: Discovered that The Ancients are most likely the Saronians from FF3. Thank you FFtactics for that bit of trivia (materia in FFT describes Saronians as the creators of materia). Sorry for the thread revival. Figured it would be better to keep information on Ancients in one thread versus making a new one.

You know the monsters being grown in the Nibleheim reactor. Just read up on Velds history, and it doesn't give a timeline for the Kalm bombing. So perhaps the people in the tanks are Kalm survivors. There for Hojo's experiments in merging people and materia.

General Discussion / Re: Download links don't work
« on: 2012-01-29 08:00:11 »
As said, if your CDs are scratched, it could cut sound data. My best suggestion is to create IsoS of your disks and change reg to run movies off hard drive. That way if you need to replace a movie you can get one off YouTube, fix the framerate, convert to avi, and replace bad movie files.

As to the files that no longer have links relating to megaupload . Megaupload was shut down recently and won't ever be back up.

Similar boat to you. However I first suggest that you look at your schedule and what you want to do. Consider the fact that you don't seem to want to put in the time to do research, let alone having the time to do the modeling. I don't mean to be rude, just pointing out something I myself have done in the past and learned from. Anyways use google to search for modeling tutorials throughout qhimm.

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