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Is there any kind of mod that allows you to directly control the actions of your party members? I feel the game play would feel much like X-2 if this were the case. How would I even start making this happen if it doesn't exist? It's kind of my biggest gripe with the game.

I'm seeking a mod to replace Steiner and Beatrix in the main story as well as in the party. I'm aware of the mod that allows you to recruit her late in the game, but it would be great to just totally swap the character acquisitions of Beatrix and Steiner. Honestly, just a visual mod of Steiner to look and animate like Beatrix would be perfect-- but I know a model importer does not exist yet so I feel that's out of the question outside of a quick and dirty file swap. Any ideas?

Are there tools available to make the limit breaks a little more interactive? I would love to make the combat just a little bit more engaging, and I think it could add another layer to FFVII's combat with little quicktimes for the limit breaks like overdrives function in X. I feel like this would likely be limited to the PC version, which is fine by me.

Support / (FFVII PSX) Model swapping?
« on: 2017-08-16 01:07:53 »
Is there any way to swap field/battle models around on the psx version? I'd like to try and replace Cloud with Zack's model or some other model.

Hey everyone. I'm looking to play through some of the classic Final Fantasy titles on my psp, and I'm seeking some codes to make the experience just a little bit different this time, specifically in that I'd like to use characters who are typically temporary or otherwise not permanent party members. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me towards these types of codes- I did find one for VII that allows for young Cloud  or Sephiroth  in your party, but I know FFVIII has hella temporary/guest members, and I know FFIX has Beatrix and the Tantalus Troupe. Any suggestions?

Support / [FFIX STEAM] Model swapping?
« on: 2017-06-06 20:20:45 »
I've posted in other threads about this, but I feel it would be prudent to create my own thread on this subject. I'm trying to swap some field and battle models with other models. More specifically, I'm trying to use the Zidane Pluto Knight armor model instead of his vanilla model in the field or in battle, but preferably both. I've been using Hades Workshop to view the assets, and I've located the models (I think), however there are multiple files listed for each model. I tried to preview them with Noesis and an FBX viewer with no luck. If it is possible, it should be as simple as replacing the models in the data, right? So I'm just trying to figure out where the models I want are, and if I can just swap them. Another example would be forcing Garnet to be hooded, or have long it short hair, or be in her dress attire.

I'd like to do some digital paintings of some of the scenery and implement it into FF9 on Steam. Is anyone working on unpacking and repacking the assets currently?

I saw that FFVIII was on sale on steam today, so I wanted to check what the status was on the model aspect of modding, and came across this video posted approximately one year ago.

Does anyone have any clue as to how this person managed to do what they did? I'm just itching to start a series of high-poly models and high res textures for FFVIII.

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