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You are the best. Since I've followed your process on Twitter for a long time now it's really exciting to see how far you've come with this project :) Thank you. 

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-06-15 15:37:05 »
I'm really excited for the remaster, but Squalls face does not represent the original art. We'll see.


And yet again, FatedCourage comes through with a huge update to knock us all off of our feet!

Dude I've been looking forward to this update! Thank you so much (again :P)!

I could always give it a shot. My only fear is it not looking natural or it might clash. But who knows? Have to fix Selphie in the upscales anyway... So I'll look while doing that.

That's nice to hear! Looking forward to it, thanks!

EDIT: Nevermind, u told us in your description, I missed it sry :)

Hey Mcindus, I've running in to an issues here. I'm using ScpServer with a PS3 Controller, everything works fine so far. But I show you with a screenshot what I mean.

Spoiler: show

If I want to escape a battle I press the left and right thumbstick, but the "X" button is always showing too on the right thumbstick, I think that should not be like that. Is there anything I missed?

I would love to see the original faces but with the updated textures for the clothes, I really like the original face look like you did with the "upscaled" version, but the clothes are not detailed like in the other versions. Any chance you could do that?

I don't use Linear Filtering because it messes with Maki's UV fix (creates black lines, etc) -- so there's that issue.

I wish Mavirick and JeMa came back... we need that better hashing algorithm for the animations!

Animations: All characters don't blink (Rebirth Flame) - Summons don't animate -- Shiva, Eden, Tonberry's 'flame' (I think that's it?).
The ocean doesn't work with Horizonpack, so there's that issue also... that's why I never included my 'ocean' upscales.
Magics and GF animations might end up being a problem, but we're still working on that project...

Wasn't aware of that fix by Maki, nice. Only compromise are the pixelated magic and stuff even with all your mods applied, I'd rather have the weird lines on the world map than the pixel graphics. For Tonberry's flame I'll have to delete the "sum_tbft" right? Speaking of Tonberry.. Is there a folder for the Tonberry King in your Enemy Upscaling mod? I can only find the normal Tonberry. Thanks!

Actually, her eyes are supposed to open - but some of the smaller animations (blinking lights on Eden, etc) don't work with the current version of Tonberry.  In the next update of Tonberry with the new hashmap feature, this should be fixed - but that might be a long way off.

Do you know any other GF animations (Like eye opening or blinking lights) that do not work with Project Hellfire? All I know is the "Shiva eye opener" and the "Blinking Lights on Eden". My goal ist to delete the specific files to keep the animations.

Sharing a little tip.

We probably all know that characters modded with awesome stuff like project hellfire, rebirth flame etc cannot blink (currently).
To me, that's a pity. Especially when it comes to Shiva. I've always loved her "awakening-like" summoning. Mcindus surely did a great job with this mod and the HD Shiva looks gorgeous, but i just miss that blinking.

For those interested, i've found a simple way to get a "50-50" result. A blinking Shiva with most of Mcindus' HD texture still in place. Basically, all you have to is remove the "sum_shvahd" folder (inside "su" folder). If you do that, the game will use the old/original Shiva's face which is a bit pixelated, but her eyes will blink.

Thanks for the tip!

Do you not like the "Linear Filtering"? Your Shiva looks a little more pixelated. Here's an example with "Linear Filtering"

FYI, I had the same issue and solved it.

The problem was that I installed a piece of software in my windows PATH variable that superceded FIND.EXE.

If you go to the command line and type "where find" it will give a list of files called find.exe. Delete every one of them execpt the one in C:\Windows\System32. Then the patcher will work.

Still no luck, I have only one find.exe and thats the one in the system32 folder..

Big thanks Mcindus, you rock!

Then i moved the GeDoSaTo folder in C like Fendera did and that fixed it.

Glad this works for you too!

Little side note: on 3840x2160 i've noticed a couple of veeery little 'scratches' in the status menu (Seed reborn italian version). But don't worry Mcindus, they are litterally a couple, barely noticeable and only in that part of the menu (everything else looks normal just as in 1920x1080), so we don't need to worry about that

I noticed the lines too. I used the PS1 fonts first, I changed it back to the Seed Reborn fonts and now that fixed it for me. English Version

Does this still happen if you place D3DCompiler_47.dll in your FINAL FANTASY VIII parent folder?

I've tried to place the D3DCompiler_47.dll in to the Final Fantasy VIII Steam folder but still no luck, even if I run everything (Including FF8_EN.exe and FF8_Launcher.exe) in administrator mode.. I still have to place the GeDoSaTo folder on the C: drive. It's not a big deal, I'll just leave the GeDoSaTo folder on the C: Drive, everything else works just fine!

Thanks alot!

Could you clarify this a bit for me?  Do you mean that you have to put it in your \GeDoSaTo folder and merge the config folders?  If so, I have that in the 'directions' on the main post and in the .txt file in the download.  If you mean that you can't install GeDoSaTo anywhere other than the C: drive, then I wouldn't know a workaround for that. 

I do know that a lot of problems are resolved by copying the D3DCompiler_47.dll and placing it in the steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII parent folder, so that might be something to look into.

I have to place the whole GeDoSaTo folder direct in the C: drive, ( like this C:\GeDoSaTo ) otherwise I can't change the resolution any higher then 1080p in the launcher if I place the folder else where... for example in the steam/FF8 folder on another drive.

it does only work if I place the folder in C:\GeDoSaTo, otherwise the supersample resolution wont show up in the FF8 launcher.


would be nice if you add the "Version" in your description, like version 1.1 etc. Otherwhise I'm not sure if there's any update available :D great work btw!

Now updated to v1.3. This update includes upscaled characters and weapons for those who don't want the new textures. (Might try and touch up the upscales some more later.) But know that using the upscaled textures will show some UV errors that even non-upscaled characters have. You can see what I mean with the pictures I've added to the download page.

I've also split up the textures into different downloads rather than one big one. Just to lessen the file size to download. I've also touched up some other textures. And...that should be it, I think.

Thank you so much for the upscaled models! thats exactly what I was looking for!

Wow you are the best! Du bist der BESTE!

Actually, her eyes are supposed to open - but some of the smaller animations (blinking lights on Eden, etc) don't work with the current version of Tonberry.  In the next update of Tonberry with the new hashmap feature, this should be fixed - but that might be a long way off.

alright thanks, still great work!

wow thank you! looks great. I really like the sharpness

is this normal that Shiva does have her eyes open before she breaks the ice?

you guys are great!

Hey Mcindus, I really appreciate your effort in all the mods! Keep up the nice work

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD PS1 Font Replacement
« on: 2017-02-22 22:52:53 »
Great stuff thanks!

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