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I've passed all the updated files to ZePilot, he's packaging the update (8.2), we're discussing file structure. It shouldn't be too long now!

Awesome. Thanks!

@snouz Shhhesh that's annoying! Sorry to hear that man!
Isn't there a way to get the FFIX before the update to play your mod? I just update, and broke it. can't we find a guy that didn't update and get his version? ^^

If you find a copy, please share it? I was looking also. I just got FF IX, and I found out about Moguri and there's no working version of it available.

For the glasses, I had made the texture transparent, but noticed the model is used elsewhere, so it's better to remove the code. Same with Dali windmill, I have made the texture transparent in Moguri 8, but I don't know if the texture/model might be used elsewhere.
For the Iifa, here's the bug:

Model is in front of the field. Subtle...

Quoting to try to get the attention of someone who knows what's up...

Do you know how to get Moguri 8 working with the latest steam release? Are you just telling steam not to update? How are you running it?

Also: Is there anywhere to access the experimental build you've got running with these fixes?

Any details on the progress of the newest release? I don't have access to the older version of FF IX on steam, so I'm not sure how to play with the Moguri Mod 8.0.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to get something working? Please feel free to email, though I will check back.

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