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Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace
« on: Yesterday at 21:56:46 »
Congratulations! That's for this kind of content I didn't give up Makou Reactor

The iro is officially available on the default catalog in 7th Heaven 2.4 with the last version of FFNx

Maybe it is positionned under the ground?

Hello, I think that's an issue with FFNx. You can change the renderer to DirectX 11 or OpenGL in FFNx.toml :)

If it happens again, please contact the FFNx team Here or on the Qhimm discord

With the last canary version of FFNx (beta), it'll be possible to use FFNx FF7Music in 7th Heaven without extra step.

Two new items are added to known issues list:
  • The intro of the landing is playing on GGU battle, wait for the next FFNx release for the fix
  • Horizon Concert does not work properly, remove "concert-" prefix from "concert-*.minipsf" files to fix this, or wait for the next FFNx release

The last FFNx canary solve that (beta).

I created an iro archive for the 7th Heaven mod manager. Normally it should work with the last version of 7th Heaven (2.3.3), is someone want to try?
After the installation in the mod manager, you need one extra step to make it work: get the hebios.bin file (from the zipped archive of ffn-ff7music for example) and put it in music/psf/
directory (create the folder if it does not exist).


FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - Loveless (v2.5)
« on: 2021-10-07 13:13:44 »
Last versions of Loveless, Hojo and Teioh can be found here:

Hi there,

I'm archiving all my old projects (Hojo, Loveless, Teioh) and I was wondering if someone still has the binaries of Loveless 2.0, 2.01, 2.1, and 2.3?
Moreover, I'm a bit surprised to see that it seems the last version of Loveless I published here was the 2.5 while I own a 2.6 version. Can someone confirm Loveless 2.6 has never been plublished?

Thanks for your help :)

I only find 2.5 on my hdd, for 2.6 you never released it as the export part wasn't finished

Myst, this is a great tool. I'm liking the ease of use for the text edits I've been wanting to make to the dialogue of the game.


However, I'm wondering if I wanted to eventually make my edits into a 7th Heaven IRO file, how would I go about exporting the individual changes so that it works in a modular fashion like most 7H mods? I imagine you can't just slap your entire flevel.lgp file into an IRO and 7H will know what to pull from it and what not to so that it doesn't conflict with other mods.

I noticed that other mods like New Threat have exported their flevel changes as "chunk" files that get injected back into the LGP, but I don't know how I can replicate this with Makou Reactor.

Please contact the 7th Heaven team and the New Threat team about that, I guess they have a tool to do it.

Also can you edit battle text with Makou? I'm trying to fix the translation error in the first scorpion boss fight but don't know where to find it...

No that's not planed to edit battle module with Makou yet. About battle texts, you can find them into the scene.bin file :)

I might be misremembering but I could have sworn that when adding an item to the inventory you could use a drop down menu instead of putting in the number, that or there was somewhere to find what number was what item.

Yeah I think I can do that, I open an issue on GitHub about that

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.12.0b)
« on: 2021-09-05 07:28:21 »
New Version

  • Adding Russian translation
  • Fix compilation error with POPI_L and temp variable (#18)
  • Fix English translation
  • Update Qt to 5.15

When you want to add a new model to a map, you need to both add a group script and a model in the Field Models window

New version available with a lot of bug fixes:

  • Add ability to edit model size and light in PS version (#118)
  • Add new unofficial opcode (#79)
  • Add options to set {CHOICE} and tabulation width in text preview (#56)
  • Add left padding editor in window.bin editor (#91)
  • Add a tip about a division or modulo by 0
  • Change file extension of an export of uncompressed map to ".dec"
  • Change max editable exec priority to 6 instead of 7, and add a note what it means (#63)
  • Prevent edition of letter width and letter left padding if not available for the current letter in window.bin editor
  • Remove strict LZS format checking option
  • Fix replace all texts feature, and add a message about how many texts were replaced (#114)
  • Fix compression error on import (#117)
  • Fix window.bin texture transparency
  • Fix window.bin compression format to be closer to the original compression (#112)
  • Fix multiple inconsistencies in field map format (#116)
  • Fix potential crash on creating or saving a field map
  • Fix Save As feature for files outside an archive (like a DAT file opened alone for example)
  • Trying to minimize bad texture loading on opening a DAT file alone with a BSX file
  • Fix potential memory leak on field model loading for PS version
  • Fix search for bit test operations (#75)
  • Fix potential memory leak/crashes on copying Group Scripts
  • Fix typo "Modulas" instead of "Modulo"

Associated issue here to follow the advancement of this bug:

I'm glad you made it! I developed the background PS to PC conversion for this kind of stuff.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.11.2)
« on: 2021-06-25 08:00:23 »
Hi there!
I'm trying to use Hyne to edit and export my retroarch save file to steam but when I try to save an error pops up saying "cannot create temporary file" ... can someone help me? I'm using Hyne on Mac.

Thanks!!!  8-)

Sorry I didn't see your message, maybe the system tmp folder is not writable by you.

you have to select english from the language menu .

Yes I think it is the issue here :)

With good media players like foobar2000 I think

Look at ogg metadata in other files, you'll find one attribute with the loop time, do the same thing in your ogg with the same attribute name.

On the PC version, Makou helps you to change the list of music IDs played in a map. Those IDs refer to specific MIDIs in the original game, and you can override MIDIs with FFNx and in the Steam version of the game.
In Makou you also can use a new ID, for example if you put 100 to the music ID in "Tutorials/Sounds..." you will ask the game to play the music ID 100. I think FFNx is not ready for this, because it uses the music name list from the game, but you can create an issue here to ask this feature

As a start, look at this list
I advice you to add you first new song by replacing "comical" which is unused in the original game

I'm on the Discord of Qhimm, of course :)

I will try, again, next weekend to undestand what's goin on.

Now I can't change the fields back to 1.6.X because they are 1.8.X, this will cause more errors, so I feel trapped

If 1.6.x version cannot open a flevel file saved with 1.8.x, I think it is because the flevel is corrupted. I will try again with the last archive you sent me and detect where the format prevents Makou 1.6 to open it.

I'm sorry to hear that, since you reported me multiple crashes on many differents actions, I fixed at least 4 different crashes.

I understand that moving code, copy paste, or cut paste is an issue, but unfortunately I never reproduced any crash with this on the last version. You are not the only one who have reported this, and I trust you when you say there something wrong. The point is as long as I don't understand what is going on, I cannot make a patch. Also I don't have much time to use Makou Reactor, or to update it. I tried several weekends to give time to this, each time I released a new version with fixes I could do, and not fixes I don't understand.

My goal is to make a great editor for FF7, and also an open project where many developpers can contribute. For 12 years I am alone to fix the bugs and maintain this program, and you say it is not enough for you?

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.1b)
« on: 2021-04-13 08:08:34 »
New version!

  • Removing a debug code which slows down the FF8 PS ISO file opening
  • New feature: tile editor, for the first time Deling let you edit background tiles
  • [Archive manager] Improving image preview and show png and jpg images
  • Add background mass exporter (to PNG format)
  • Add "Search All" dialog
  • Add width field in the font editor
  • Fixes in search feature, mainly search script text
  • Add an autocompleter to the opcode list and the variable list in the search dialog
  • Fix enabled/disabled state in particles widget
  • Fix crash on field script parsing
  • Improving background opening
  • Improving script opening in FF8 Demo and text preview
  • Add support for tex files with RGBA colors
  • Fixes for Mac OSX (sadly not yet usable in dark theme): font size fixes, show parameters and about menus in the right place
  • Fix layout for the about dialog on Linux
  • Fix widget overlapping (#2)

Pd: What does it mean "Fix text autosize for VARDEC / VARDECR / VARHEX and MEMORY commands"

The autosize text window feature now consider VARDEC / VARDECR / VARHEX to be 5 digits large. And for MEMORY it uses the length to calculate the probable max width in the game.

Now using this do the numerical values ‚Äč‚Äčline up correctly? (this non-alignment problem is very annoying)

What is that? You're welcome to open an issue on GitHub with a screenshot

New minor version (1.8.4)

  • Update SHAKE opcode details (thanks to dangarfield)
  • Fix door update bug
  • Fix crashes on adding/removing fields
  • Allow to open an invalid ISO file
  • Fix crash when adding a new walkmesh triangle, if the triangle list is empty
  • Fix remembering expanded items
  • Removing auto-scroll when editing an opcode
  • Change Ctrl+Q shortcut to Ctrl+K (music/tuto menu). Command+Q is a reserved shortcut on Mac OSX
  • Fix crash when entering walkmesh with OpenGL disabled
  • Fix text autosize for VARDEC/VARDECR/VARHEX and MEMORY commands
  • Fix DAT file import

New version available with a fix for big files.

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