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there's no working with playstation buttons? still only with (confirm) (cancel) (menu) "buttons"?

I chose to leave the originals cause the dialogues are static, if anyone customizes the button, the in-game text will show the default ones

so i'll try to add it in next release, probably as a gameplay's mod because as it's based on english's exe it'll do some conflict if i add it as a dedicated language, but i'll try
You're welcome to try but I think it's bound to cause conflicts considering all the hext stuff i added. the reply was mainly for frank since he seemed unaware of it.

We can start by doing as little as possible.
Let me explain: for now, shall we try to insert the translation of only the textual part of the game? No UI, No Graphics, No minigames.
Please, we care a lot, all Italian users. Through
sites like WeTransfer can share with you the 2/3 types of Italian translation that exist. I repeat for my part, I am ready to give good compensation.

An Italian translation that includes translated high-res UI graphics and is compatible with satsuki's other graphic enhancements already exists

Me...I have problem with compatibility between Esui menu mod and the translation....what can I do ??
Please read the last 3 posts above yours

I think the main issue with ESUI (and any other UI mod) is that changes to character size (the letters displayed on screen) are integral to the mod and used to determine the size of dialogue boxes, so compatibility out of the box with any UI mod is very unlikely.

On the bright side, I know that some are trying to make specifically ESUI work with my mod so your best bet is to wait for them.

First of all thank you for this amazing tool.
I am here to ask some help for a very little problem that has FF9 italian steam version: during a battle, when you choose to use magic sword ability (the Steiner+Vivi combo  :)), the text that appears in the top of the screen with the ability name has the words swapped. Here an example:
You choose Firaga Sword (in italian is "Colpo Firaga" and in hades workshop is named perfectly), in the top screen appears as "Firaga Colpo" (maybe use english order with italian text?)

My question is: is it possible to fix with hades workshop or with some manual edit?

Thanks usb :)
Yeah, I thought that they fixed that bug, but apparently not. It doesn't concern only Italian but also French and Spanish. The bug lies in the CIL method "BattleHUD::SetBattleCommandTitle" but it's a bit tricky to fix it there with HW.

What you can do though is bypass the bug: go to the "Interface" panel, select the "Battle Spell Naming" field and add 13 entries to it (right-click -> Add), then write the proper full names ("Colpo Fire" etc...). Finally, go to the "Party -> Spells" panel and change the casting names of the magic swords spells to the entries that you just added.
It's a bit dirty as a fix, but it works. You should also translate the names in the "Interface" panel if you want it to work for all the languages (I think the game would crash in non-italian language otherwise).

For info, you can have up to 62 custom spell names in that interface field.

Bringing back this cause i got to fix the bug itself instead of using workarounds.

Replace, in BattleHUD::SetBattleCommandTitle

Code: [Select]
text = FF9TextTool.ActionAbilityName((int)pCmd.sub_no) + str + FF9TextTool.BattleCommandTitleText(0);

Code: [Select]
string locale = Localization.GetSymbol();
if (locale == "IT" || locale == "ES" || locale == "FR")
text = FF9TextTool.BattleCommandTitleText(0) + FF9TextTool.ActionAbilityName((int)pCmd.sub_no);
text = FF9TextTool.ActionAbilityName((int)pCmd.sub_no) + str + FF9TextTool.BattleCommandTitleText(0);

Note that IT SP and FR don't need the middle space between words that "str" places cause said space is already within FF9TextTool.BattleCommandTitleText(0) for all the affected languages.


  • Removed AIO installer compatible with SYWV5
  • Added Full IRO (translation + texture)
  • Added separate Italian Texture RAR (for modders)

For those who were using the Italian AIO installer compatible with SYWV5, I recommend moving to 7th heaven + IROs. I listed the IROs from Satsuki you need to install in the first post. Let me know if there's any kind of problem with instructions or the files.

Ciao Raiu, being this an international forum better stick to english.

Probably an update from Satsuki changed something again and that broke compatibility with my own patch. I guess I can't keep chasing that though, so i plan to switch to 7th Heaven for those that want to mix mods in a controlled environment, and i'll release my textures separately for those that want to mix mods manually.

ITA: è probabilmente un problema di compatibilità venuto fuori dopo l'aggiornamento della mod di Satsuki. Non posso continuare a inseguire ogni cambiamento del genere però, così conto di passare su 7th heaven. Rilascerò pure un zip contenente le texture separate, in caso qualcuno volesse unire le mod manualmente

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-25 22:54:29 »
Out of curiosity, did you work on the images themselves or did you rearrange the pieces via hex editing?

I just tested and it worked for me, except that there is a problem with the image. Maybe you did a mistake in the folder names, or maybe you didn't add the mod's name properly in Memoria.ini?

Anyway, Caledor, in-game, the chocographs are all white because there is no alpha channel in your .png and parts that should be transparent are white instead. I am pretty sure that the problem is the same when importing the texture through AssetBundleExtractor.

I uploaded by mistake one with a white background that i needed for another purpose, but i noticed that soon and uploaded another version. Apparently i also needed to refresh the link, which is what i did now.

BTW thanks everyone, glad you are all liking it.

By the way, there's only an "english" version of that image. The chocobo abilities are in english even in the other languages and they always have been.

Correct. On that note, I thought i might as well upload the high res Atlas I customized for my personal use, with chocobo ability names in Italian. Link added to the original post.

FF9 High Res Chocographs

Chocographs remade from scratch by taking actual screenshots in FF9 Steam modded with Moguri Mod 8.2.

Image slider for comparison:

Download Link:

Same, but customized with Italian names for chocobo abilities:

To use one of those images you need AssetBundleExtractor. Download it, open resources.assets with it from your "FF9\x64\FF9_Data" folder (or x86 if you're using a 32 bit pc). Find the file "Chocograph Atlas", with Texture2D Type (NOT Material). Hit Plugins, Edit, Load the image you downloaded and then Ok.

Now DON'T press Ok again or it'll close without saving. Go File instead, press save. You'll be prompted to save "sharedassets2.assets". Save it anywhere but the FF9 folder (cause you can't save it there) then close AssetBundleExtractor and replace the current sharedassets2.assets in the FF9 Folder with the new one.

Snouz for the outstanding Moguri Mod

I don't think i'll be able to do some first hand testing since i don't have a psx version anymore (steam is just better in every aspect) but i can definitively lend a ear if paky wishes so.

My 2 cents as a fellow (Italian) ff9 modder.

Could this be related to the disalignment of some dialogues between languages?
I honestly dunno how much AF alters dialogue but maybe I could help in some way

I just forgot to update the iro descriptor in a rush, it should be totally fine.

No you need to redownload from here just like you did the first time. Remove the current one from the library and reimport

For 7th Heaven users i'm just uploading a new version of the IRO as i type, cause it's the safest solution. I'll update the iro again when the issue it's fixed.

The temp iro is up

Hi Onizuka, I've confirmed the bug, which likely involves all the "Multi-" materia. I'll have to work on a fix for this.

EDIT: Found the culprit, as i suspected it's the custom function i wrote to change the ability names for these materia.

For everyone with direct access to the hext files here's a temporary fix: find my all.txt file.

Line 1481 of the file should read "30B803 = 5E 84 20 00". Comment the line so it won't be loaded by the game by adding a # before it, like so:

"#30B803 = 5E 84 20 00"

1. Yes, I'm following the progress that's being made

2. Probably yes since those are mostly gameplay related files. scene.bin has all enemy-related text though, as you probably already know.

Hours from 99 up to 999 will be displayed correctly in the menu. I just tested it.

The important part is not adding any UI mod on top of this one (aside from something very simple like avatars only).

Hi Onizuka, I honestly don't remember that point specifically because i might have inherited it from DLPB's R05 but using another UI mod on top of my own it's bound to cause conflicts because both will try to alter the same regions in the executable.

IRO pack updated with minigame textures, released an AIO installer compatible with satsuki's SYWV5 one. Both links are on the first page


After playing a bit with 5.20 yesterday and upgrading to 5.23 today, the Control Panel returns an IO Error upon saving ("can't create a file that already exists", but it didn't tell which).

Ciao ZeroShift, per ITA è stato già tutto rilasciato sulla mia pagina FB CaledorIT insieme alla correzione della traduzione del 9

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