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Tirlititi sorry for the late delay you have to give you a playlist  ff 9 music HadesWorkshop because I'm lazy man  :mrgreen: the important thing in this file is everything you need to complete a project music psx there are all songs arranged HadesWorkshop missing 4 music the most important explanation is how you can change songs ff9 to any games squaresoft an example is given how you can change a song ff9 Battle Theme to music FF8 The Man With the Machine Gun it works well It can be reversed and changed songs ff8 to ff9 or any games squaresoft but I did not explain it because it would not help you change songs ff8 to any games squaresoft and anything you want to inquire about, you can ask me and i'm sorry my bad language in English  ;D

why you not rename all songs in Hades workshop this will make it easier for a user ?

can't you make it for blender ?

wow nice tool and good job  :-*

wooooow amazing i love you Tirlititi really thank you

there is a special issue for stream HadesWorkshop_beta But the problem if you ran the program then the program shut down Then if you tried to open the game ff9  through a program HadesWorkshop_beta will not be able Except If deleted a file (hwf) and here download hades work shop beta for stream

this awesome video Cloud jumps onto train thx Grimmy This effort

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98] Waifu release fulls packs
« on: 2016-03-25 15:57:33 »
please reload (Magics and FX ) in mediafire

Completely Unrelated / Re: FF7 sliding menus (fake)
« on: 2016-03-20 18:34:41 »
wow that's awesome you tricked me :roll:

I do not know how to thank Tirlititi The best game in my life is ff9 And I achieved my dream Amendment to the ff9 Very wonderful your program HadesWorkshop Can not imagine my happiness very thx Tirlititi And I hope in the next release We can edit the songs (I am bad in English sry :-P)

There are only 105 known existing page and it is very difficult to read all of them to know what his problem so you must put another publication explains all the possible problems and solutions

Graphical / Re: PSX/PSP Sephiroth and Shinra MOD
« on: 2015-01-07 13:00:44 »
Hello I've put everything he has said on the original copy not Be did not work so I tried to copy fra end eng But the same problem with a copy us Please give me your copy with the name I carry For example (SCUS94163) Thank you for your effort jeet Returns psx Best.

Graphical / Re: PSX/PSP Sephiroth and Shinra MOD
« on: 2015-01-04 14:04:47 »
Hello jeet There are problems in mod When applied to the two copies us I can not play gives me a black screen but

when you replace KERNEL.bin I can enter but give me another problem in the disappearance of players fighting So I

hope you give me a link to download the files but used manually Such as FF7 All Stars Mod To know where is the problem Sorry for the inconvenience  ;D

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