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Completely Unrelated / Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver
« on: 2021-07-25 13:13:13 »
Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver

When handling DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, you will likely use either or both impact wrench and impact driver. This is the reason why you should understand the main differences between these two power tools. Both tools look similar in design, and they can create a similar level of noise. The following are the main differences between the Impact wrench and impact driver.

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What are the Main Differences Between Impact Wrench and Impact Driver?

Impact drivers are known for drilling long screws or nuts into materials like metals and wood, whereas impact wrenches are known for loosening or tightening already installed nuts and bolts. Secondly, Impact drivers are normally used for DIY and renovation works while impact wrenches are mostly used for automobile-related reparations. Impact drivers normally come with ¼” hex collet whereas a typical impact wrench comes with ½” square drive. Impact drivers can be much easier to handle whereas impact wrenches are more powerful and quite heavier.

Impact Driver vs. Impact Wrench: Speed, Cord, and Rotation Per Minute

When it comes to speed, the Impact driver is much slower than the Impact wrench. The reason being that it takes a longer time to drive a nut or bolt into metal or wood than loosen or tighten a bolt or nut on a material. Impact drivers do come with variable speed just like impact wrenches but they are still not as fast as impact wrenches. Impact drivers are generally louder than impact wrenches. Impact drivers are normally cordless; hence you need to recharge the battery quite often, and it makes it easier to reach wider places. Impact wrenches can be corded or cordless. The rotation per minute is very slow in impact driver compared to impact wrenches, and the reason being that it takes a longer time to drill a nut or bolt through metal or wood than to loosen or tighten such bolts and nuts.

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Pros and Cons of Impact Driver and Impact Wrench

Impact drivers are powerful enough to complete most tasks, they are also flexible, compact, and make minimal impact. The issue with impact drivers is that they don’t have clutches to stop drilling, hence they may drill beyond the required level. You may use the same impact driver for most jobs but you can’t use the same bits at the bottom for all jobs, you need to buy as many bits as you can.

The main benefit of impact wrench is that it creates a huge amount of force to loosen or tighten the toughest nuts and bolts. It is ergonomically designed to reduce strains on the wrist, they are very fast or speedy. The major problem with impact wrenches is that they are not suitable for home but automobile and construction jobs. Impact wrenches can be very noisy depending on the type you opt for. The Best Power Tools - Top List Of Product Reviewed - offers more information on comparative analysis of impact driver and impact wrench.

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