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Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Ragnarok Rebalancing Mod (v1.2b & v1.1b)
« Reply #725 on: 2022-06-20 13:17:01 »
I am almost finishing with Lionheart mode, and it's been a blast.

I just got Ragnarok access, and I am really trying to get Bahamut. However, it is a very challenging fight since that dragon hits hard. I have lost against him maybe 8 times already. The main problem comes from his normal attack doing around 4-5k, which almost 1shots people, and his mega flare which does so much damage that kills anyone without shell on it. Add many other attacks, and a very good speed, and it is a very challenging fight. I will get there eventually.

So far the battles I remember as most challenging were some Laguna flashbacks, where the Esthar soldiers casted "Death" like crazy. It is very important to be able to protect from death there.
I remember the last battle against Edea + Seifer, it was a nightmare since they did so much damage. I had to level a little bit there, the only time I had to.
I remember the centra ruins, being impossible the first time I got there with the garden. I did not want to level, so I came back later to get Odin and Tonberi. Still Odin was a little pain, had 3 or 4 tries until I managed the winning combitation (good SPR, status defense to STOP, AoE heals with megapotions).

I have seen the "game over" screen dozens of times, and it has always been fun to figure out how to beat the encounter. It was always a matter of finding the correct magic spells to junction, or which abilities to use. I remember in the original game, the only challenge we faced were Marlboros, until we realized we needed status protection to Berserk, which was the real problematic status effect. Well, with this mode, it has happened several times.

Overall advice I can give is:
- Protect spell is KING
- In some encounters, SHELL is needed. You can heal with items which is very good as well
- Get Phoenix asap
- Cerberus is not so good to summon. Too slow for an effect you could get just casting double/triple directly.
- Diablos is as good as ever
- You will get many Mesmerizing Blades, which can turn into megapotions, which are VERY useful with a MEDUP character to heal 3k to all
- Remember to cure STOP by casting HASTE on the character
- Of all the command abilities, I think TREATMENT was the best one. It heals and cures all, even if you are silenced. It is very solid.
- You will cast FULL-LIFE a lot. You can get 20 from regen rings later on, which chimeras have a change to drop, IIRC. Forget about junctioning this until you can farm those chimeras, and use the 30 full-life spells you will get along the game for challenging fights!

And the best part, Phoenix summon is AWESOME. Since fights are actually hard, when he kicks in, it really really makes your day. It really shines.
(you can still get killed though, enemies can 1shot your party 3 times before you get a turn LOL)
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