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[FF9 PC] Tweaked menu portraits (Face Atlas)
« on: 2020-05-15 20:05:01 »
FF9 Tweaked menu portraits

This is a simple mod that slightly tweaks the portrait shown in the main menu.

UPDATE 16/05/2020 - Fixed some colors and uploaded on MEGA instead of IMGUR.

Problems addressed:

- Short hair Dagger's chin and (optionally) eyes has been tweaked to look more like the original and less strange. Contrast and resolution have been enhanced using ESRGAN (somehow her render had a lower resolution), eyes have some brown lighting instead of being completely black.
- Amarant's "smirk" has been removed to match the original.
- Added shading on Cinna and Marcus that now look less flat.
- Zidane's mouth has been tweaked to look less odd and me more similar in style to the original.

Dagger comes in two versions, one with wider eyes (similar to the PSX version) and one with narrow eyes (similar to the current Steam version)

Image slider for comparison:

Download from here the one you prefer:

To use one of those images you need AssetBundleExtractor. Download it, open resources.assets with it from your "FF9\x64\FF9_Data" folder (or x86 if you're using a 32 bit pc). Find the file "Face Atlas", with Texture2D Type (NOT Material). Hit Plugins, Edit, Load the image you downloaded and then Ok.

Now DON'T press Ok again or it'll close without saving. Go File instead, press save. You'll be prompted to save "sharedassets2.assets". Save it anywhere but the FF9 folder (cause you can't save it there) then close AssetBundleExtractor and replace the current sharedassets2.assets in the FF9 Folder with the new one.

Credits: Snouz for the frame on the portraits, Caledor for the valuable feedback, patience, the help with Zidane and with this forum post.
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Re: [FF9 PC] Tweaked menu portraits (Face Atlas)
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