Author Topic: Looking for a mod that creates faithful vanilla models at higher resolution  (Read 2872 times)


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I've been interested for a long time for a mod that just simply faithfully updates the models of the vanilla game in the same minimalist style it has. I tend to not prefer the high resolution models that add too much nonsensical detail to the point it doesn't fit the original art direction of the vanilla game.

This mod right here peaked my interests.

I have no clue if it is still under production. From what Wheemus says in the description of this mod is exactly what I want, however he hasn't posted any updates in about a year. I wished there was a way to contact him to see if the mod is still available.

I am simply making this thread because I wanted to vocally express that I have an intense interest in this and am wondering if others do as well. I wish this thread will get modders to be interested in taking up such a challenge.


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Check out this mod: Still being worked on, but these models are amazing. These models with upscaled backgrounds are absolutely beautiful!

Edit: Forgot to mention there are two types of field models. Chibi and non Chibi. The Chibi models are the ones I was talking about. Should be second down in the file list and you can preview what's done so far there too.
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