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Hi !

To try them:

1.) Download the background.
2.) Delete the .blend extension and unzip the folder.
3.) Keeping the same folder names move the folders to /yourFFinstallation//mods/<modpath>/field/

In case you dont have a matching save game use one of these




20.08.2020 (lol):

Great start! Thanks!

Mayo Master:
That looks really nice! A very good start indeed, it really conveys the feel of the place  :)
A couple of questions about your modelling:
- I see you've made a stainless steel sink instead of decorated ceramic, do you have any plans about changing that later or is it "only if moderator wants"? (Personally I'm fine with how you've made it though).
- If you wish, I can help to make the UV of the round carpet. I see how it can be done with vector drawings without taking too long. That is unless you want to do it yourself or you simply don't want to change the carpet pattern from how you've made it so far. Just let me know.
- Something I was wondering about the lighting: your use of soft shadows gives a nice realistic feeling. However, the original scene has some clearly outlined shadows, like if they were made by sunlight-exposed objects. Do you plan on including a sun lamp for your scene? It could make sense if the room were partly lit by a skylight window. Anyway, I just mean to give "food for thoughts".

ohw, feeld like you could live there :-) nice going.
never noticed the 'Spirits within' poster in the original though  :lol:



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