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Hello everyone ..... I wanted to ask if anyone has the translation in Italian of ff 7 ...... I installed the mod nightmare ... I can now change the language without any problems? maybe if you send me the link with an installation guide ... thank you very much :)

Look here:

But you can't switch the translation without loosing content of Nightmare 7. The game has a very bad file design which makes language support very hard.
Also N7 has some new events and texts.
But you can backup your data folder, then install the translation, after this use Tough Script and dump the text. After you have done that, replace the data folder with the backup and run Tough Script again, this time you encode the dumped text. I don't know how well this will work, some parts will still be English.
Link for TS:

Ask me anything if you're troubled, Roxas. I'm italian too.

Chiedi pure a me se hai problemi, Roxas. Sono italiano anch'io.


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