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I was wondering how I could go about setting it up so the movies would load off of my hard drive rather than the discs? In a way that would be compatible with the Reunion mod ( ), to be precise. The specific mods I'm using of that are Beacause, Menu Overhaul, and Model Overhaul. I've also got Anxious Heart installed. I want to have the retranslated FMVs that are part of Beacause run in-game so I need to make that adjustment.

I've got Aali's most recent driver, so no worries there, and I'm running Windows 7 on a PC.

Choose maximum installation for 1998 version.

Square Enix Store and Steam versions come with the movies.

Max install still doesn't copy movies. Just core files and libraries.

To run the FMVs from your HDD you need to copy all the files in each discs' "movies" directory into one on your drive. I typically put it in a "movies" directory I created in my FF7 install folder. Then modify your registry settings thusly:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\
navigate there and change the value of "MoviePath" by double-clicking on it and providing the full path of the directory with the copied movies. If that key isn't there, right click in the right-side window and chose New > String Value and you can create it. I can't remember if it's there by default or not.

Regedit is such a pain. This tool will do that part for you.

Of course you still have to manually copy the movies off the discs.

Thanks everyone! Especially you Covarr, I don't like mucking around in my registry manually if I can avoid it (I've had to do so ONCE because of a particularly stubborn/nasty virus.) :D

This can be closed now imo.


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