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Hi all, I just make an intervention for you report that I began creating scenes on a French forum, because yes I am actually Belgian, so I want to apologize in advance if my English is bad ... The technique is to use what have Mayo Master. Besides, he certainly help understand .. I simplify his work by working with Sketchup has an intuitive interface! And that is much easier ... I'm in my third scene in a week. True These are certainly the most simple but it fallais me to do it for testing. I started in 3D modeling. But, I think the result is not too bad !, So I'll share with you my work and then you tell me what you think! At one point, when I had sufficiently understood the job was done via Vray Sketchup and its extension, I need help in creating these scenes so I would certainly do a tutorial :)
Finally, here I leave you enjoy




frmin (v1 Bug leger a revoir)

gldinfo par Shampignon










My tutorial:

I give you a link on my progress on this project , I speak very little English and I speak so hard I'd changing the french on this topic of

The scene need some AO I also would use the windows as a light source (one side main light from the sun the other side some indirect light).

My scenes remain as they are ! Think you always criticize and discourage your modders ... As the avalanche team , saw the work to be undertaken , I try to have a nice rendering , which represents the wish of a lot of fan ... My scenes are pretty ... and true to the original , I think strive to be perfect scenes , would discourage anyone, we are not designers , let alone machines , in order to remake the game , no the Abandoner . I sometimes wish that includes a parfais game, but we are not perfect, if you will follow this project, this does not cause me any trouble , and critics do not bother me at all either, but do not ask too if you want me to continue . As I say I started .

Looks good so far.  Good luck.


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