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Tonberry Mods Master List

This is a post devoted to the current progress of completely modding FF8's graphics with Tonberry Mods!
This is what's currently out there, what we're currently working on, and what needs to get done.

We hope this inspires other modders to get involved in FF8!
For a very thorough guide on how to make your own FF8 mods using Tonberry, FOLLOW THIS LINK!

For those that need it: Here's Tonberry: Enhanced

Special Thanks:
Omzy, Shunsq, JeMaCheHi, Mavirick, sl1982, FatedCourage, Mortael, Devina, Yagami Light, Zeeber, Crestian, Maki, DLPB, Rufoos, and Qualcuno.

Many of these mods are included in the:
Lunatic Pandora Mod Installer
(for a small donation to the modding community)

Current Completed Mods

SeeD Reborn by MCINDUS
Title Screen, Game Menus, Character/GF Avatars, Text, Icons, Magazines, Controller Buttons
To be done:
Intro Sequence*, Minor Tutorial Screens - "Theme Packs"

Controller Buttons by MCINDUS (SeeD Reborn Dependent)
Replaces the B1, B2, B3, etc. In-Game Controller buttons with PSX/Xbox360 buttons.

HorizonPack by MCINDUS
World Terrain, World Maps, Towns/Cities, Roads, Sky, World Effects, World Objects, Lunatic Pandora, Vehicles
Balamb Vehicle and Ragnarok Replacement (Crestian)
To be done:
Cities/Towns would look great if someone did some custom re-creations...

Project Eden by Omzy
Field Backgrounds
To be done:
Fixes to certain textures that produce "black bars" and some tranparencies.  Also needs some hash fixes. [Project AngelWing's hashmap is better]

Project Angelwing by FatedCourage
Gigapixel (or Waifu) Upscaled Field Backgrounds - has more 'smoothing' and less noise than Eden.  Choose one or the other, but not both. 
I suggest using AngelWing's hashmap and a mix of both mods files for optimal viewing.
Anyone who wants to try their hand at making custom backgrounds should contact myself or FatedCourage

BattleField Pack 1/3 Upscaled by MCINDUS, 2/3 Waifu2x'd by FatedCourage
Battlefield Backgrounds (Complete)
Full Replacements include - Balamb Plains, Green Forest (MCINDUS) Training Center (Zeeber), Comm Tower 2F (Shunsq)
To be done:
The Waifu upscales are great for many areas, but for outdoors areas, the 'lines' it creates are bad.  We need some help making these better.
Some animations don't currently work.
Also, we need help with the full replacements!  If you are an artist, please contribute!

Tripod by MCINDUS
Triple Triad Card Game - Cards, Game Text, Icons, Game Board, Backgrounds, Sprite Animations
To be done:
Fix for 'You Lose' transparency, Implement better borders, Finish foreign versions

Rebirth Flame by FatedCourage, Magochocobo, Devina, Mortael, Yagami Light, Crestian
Player Characters - Mago or Devina replacements with Weapons, SeeD Uniforms, Low/High Poly, Alternate Versions, etc.
To be done:
Minor character fixes

Project Hellfire by MCINDUS
GF Summons (Complete) - Replacements and Upscales
Replacements Include - Ifrit, Shiva, Quezacotl, Brothers, Siren, Leviathan, Carbuncle, Cactuar
To be done:
Some Waifu2x upscaled lines look better than the current mods, so the plan is to combine some parts of future Waifu upscales with the current ones.

Apocalypse by FatedCourage
All Bosses given a meticulous Waifu2x treatment
To be done:
Full Boss -replacement- textures would be nice!!!  If every artist out there did one each, we would have a pack in no time!

Lunar Cry by MCINDUS
All Enemies Upscaled (Complete)
To be done:
Hashing fixes and custom enemy textures!  Anyone want to try their hand?

Non-Tonberry dependent, but work incredibly well along with it! Some mods were created with these in mind.
FF8 UV Fix Patcher by Maki (Easy Patch by MCINDUS)
This mod fixes the bad UV's in the main overworld (WORKS BEST WITH HORIZONPACK)

FF8 GeDoSaTo Config by MCINDUS
Ultra Resolutions (forced downsampling), Anti-Aliasing, AO, DoF, and Post Processing injection!  It even has a version of SweetFX you can use with Tonberry!
If you enable GeDoSaTo, you no longer have to turn off the Steam Overlay!

Current Mods in Progress:
Magic Upscale (Waifu2x) by MCINDUS and FatedCourage
Attack, Heal/Buff, Status Effect Magics; Magic effects
To be done:
Upscaling and hashing/hash fixes underway.

NPC Upscale by MCINDUS, FatedCourage, and ?
NPC Upscales
To be done:
NPCs mostly upscaled.  This is proving to be a hashing beast.  Also missing a few NPCs currently.  Any help would be lovely!

GF Animations by MCINDUS
TBD - This is a HUGE project - and may have issues with animations.
Only two or three test animation sets have been worked on.

Mods We Need!!
Limit Breaks
TBD - Need someone to find textures, create hashes and upscale
Nothing currently completed.

Battle Effects
TBD - This is a HUGE project (All enemy and Player damage effects)
Nothing currently completed.

All Current Hashmaps
If you see anything up there that you'd like to help out with, please comment below!
Also - feel free to make your own versions of the current mods!  The mods that exist can share hashmaps, so you just need to replace the textures!!

This is excellent work. Stickied :)

Nice McIndus! I'm looking forward for a future installer, or better a complete SE future remake . I believe nothing is impossible for SE anymore, since they are remaking and have already remade so many titles. But as far as the modding community is concerned, I'm definitely looking forward for an installer someday... :)

Looking forward to more ff8 projects!

After the magic mod is complete, I'll be working on a basic installer


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