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Kickstarting Final Fantasy X Modding

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I know this is necro  posting but i seriously needed this info for me to just simply change the buttons for the game. Just my personal opinion UNX which is like the go to method for modding the game seriously needs an update to be more fluent or attune with the latest version of SpecialK . this post is jam pack with info

Soooo hyped for this!v

This is interesting! I give my support with this post to show it to everyone!

I wish someone would make a character model switcher for FFx or FFX-2.
To replace Tidus with YUna or Rikku. And to control them out of battle. Would also like to walk around as Rikku in FFX-2. We play as Rikku in FFX-2 in the beginning so the animations should be there.
I was able to swap the character model in FFX-2. It worked, I could move but my character was in T-Stance. I guess the aproppriate animations were missing. At least that is what I assume. I have no clue how to connect the animation file with the model.
WOuld love if someone makes a mod where we control Rikku in FFX-2:)

I wanted to share one more mod that might be interesting for some people.
Theres someone creating freecam mods and he also made one for ffx, I think its pretty cool.

Here check this out:


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