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Lionheart Remastered v2.0 by MCINDUS
This is a weapons overhaul mod for the remaster!

For use only with the PC release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (Working on creating a Switch Port)

All Gunblades have been modded, even Hyperion
Zell's Gauntlet has been modded with a new color/skin and Laguna's and Kiro's weapons have both been updated as well
Rinoa's Shooting Star's colors have been fixed
And more!

To get the ENTIRE Lunatic Pandora Remastered Mods Pack, or early access to mods:
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The Upscaled version of this mod is compatible with Maki's DEMASTER Tool
The Low Resolution Replacement version of this mod is compatible with DEMASTER -or- main.zzz injection

Get zzzDeArchive HERE

Lionheart: Remastered v2.0 (HD)
Direct Link:
Upscaled Version for use with RebirthFlame-Remastered v2.0-V or v2.0-SR
Install RebirthFlame FIRST to prevent glitches!

Lionheart: Remastered v2.0z (SD)
Low Resolution zzz/DEMASTER Compatible version


Lionheart Remastered v1.0
--- zzz archive for merging using zzzDeArchive ---
Lionheart Remastered v1.0
--- folder archive (for use with Maki's new archiving method) ---

This is the official release! Let me know if you find any bugs!

Thanks to Sebanisu and Maki for making mods possible!


**CREATED 10/8/2019**
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thanks :D , with those modifications i can even appreciate the other swords other than the revolver

hi mcindus  I wrote you privately about it, but you may not have seen it. ^^ will you do this mod for the 2013 version? ^^

would also be very interested in this for the 2013 release top work.

Awesome work. Two small "criticisms":

Although its a very small detail, the purple feels very out of place to me on the Lionheart, which is one of my favorite game weapons of all time so i might be super critical on that. (a small band of purple at the top part of the blade).

The red one (third from the top) just doesnt look right/good at all to me in general, i really prefer the original on that one (possibly due to the slight oversaturation of the red and the shape (aswell as the yellow hue) of the line in the the middle of the blade not fitting in my eye). But this is just personal taste.

But yeah overall I think this is great work and I like that you tried to make the "duplicates" in the original have a more distinct visual look.


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