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Release date

* Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III
July 28th, 2021
* Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI
Coming soon, 2021
E3 2021 Teaser

Square-Enix presentation
Includes Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu interviews.

Key Features

* Universally updated 2D pixel graphics, including the iconic FINAL FANTASY character designs created by Kazuko Shibuya, the original artist and current collaborator.
* Beautifully rearranged soundtrack in a faithful FINAL FANTASY style, overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu.
* Improved gameplay, including modernized UI, auto-battle options, and more!
* Dive into the world of the game with supplemental extras like the bestiary, illustration gallery, and music player.
* These games are newly developed remaster editions based on the original titles. Some of the changes and additional elements found in other remakes of these games are not included.
Steam Bundle
Final Fantasy I~VI

* This bundle lets you purchase all six games from FINAL FANTASY 1 to FINAL FANTASY 6 at a discount price. It also contains a special soundtrack, featuring three tracks from each game and two unique wallpapers for each game.
Steam screenshots
Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V

New finalfantasy.com article

New square-enix-games.com article

Official website

Would there be any interest from the modding community here to tackle these games by giving them a new and better font? I'm really loving everything about these remasters except for the font. It needs a pixel font to go with the rest of the pixel look.

Exactly, this squished font has been a major concern since day one for a lot of people, for now we have to wait for the official release to get a glimpse of the games files. I'm in for redrawing a pixel font but the games will probably use a regular *.ttf (just like Final Fantasy IX). We'll see...

Funny... The japanese version got it right.

Pretty much every Japanese font is fixed-width. The higher the resolution the more detail you can put into the kanji. I’ve seen FF7’s Jap font and its characters are so small and ambiguous (though context would make them obvious). They’re all 24x24 pixels and with 48x48 you can get way better looking characters. When you translate that size into a variable width font with too small space between the characters it ends up looking squished. Just increase that blank space from 0 padding to 2 px on the menus and the problem would probably resolve itself.


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