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Shark ION R75 vs Shark ION R85: Which One Is The Better Robot Vacuum?

Shark has been trying to expand their product portfolio for a while now. This effort seems to be paying dividends with the rising popularity of their robot vacuums: the R-series ION Robot Vacuums, to be exact.

However, since there are so many different models in the series, it can be a little bit confusing for you as a buyer to figure out which one is the best to choose. In this product comparison article, you can see the differences between two of Shark’s best sellers: the Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75 and the R85.

Let's look the shark ION robot R85 and shark ion robot 750 reviews below:

Performance Differences

In this category, the R85 has the R75 indisputably beat. According to Shark, the R85 is designed with a more powerful and efficient motor that can provide three times the suction motor of the RV750 Shark.

But many of the reviews and tests conducted independently by users suggested that the difference isn’t so drastic. The Shark ION R75 has been measured by most to have about 1,000 Pa of suction power nominally. Meanwhile, the R85 goes up to 1,400 Pa.

With those numbers, both robots would be able to reliably clean bare floors.

On carpets, both robots are designed with the same set of brushes. They’re all arranged in the same manner underneath either robot, too. As a result, the brushes themselves shouldn’t make too much of a difference in the Shark ION RV750 or the RV850’s carpet cleaning performance. Nonetheless, because of its better suction, the R85 is going to be a little bit better at suctioning entrenched dirt and debris out of the carpet piling.

Be advised that both robots are not rated to clean high-pile carpets or plush rugs. They’re both only good for thin-pile carpets only.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, both the R85 and Shark Ion Robot R75 Reviews have the same 1-hour battery. Considering its higher price point, it’s quite disappointing that the R85 doesn’t have a more generous battery. And also, for this reason, we’ll award this point to the R75.

Dust Bin Size

The R75 features a 14 ounces dust bin, while the R85 boasts a larger one that goes up to 21 ounces. If you have a large home, the R85 is going to be the better choice out of the two. But on the other hand, if your space is relatively small, the R75 is going to fit just fine.

Navigation System

Both the shark ion robot rv750 and the R85 use a proximity sensor-based navigation system. Meaning the robot runs in random patterns around the floors, only changing its course when it is about to run into an obstacle like furniture or a wall.

Compared to more navigation systems that use cameras or laser sensors, proximity sensors are less efficient and accurate.

As always, because the R85 is sold for more, we have to give this point to the cheaper R75.

Special Features

Both robots can be connected to WiFi and paired up with your smartphone. Using Shark’s special control app, you can control the robot and view its status anytime you want.

The ION Shark robots are also compatible with popular virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. You can take control of them hands-free by using voice commands on your smart speakers.


All in all, the only differences between the two models are that the R85 has better suction performance and a larger dirt bin than the Shark ION Robot™ 750. Other than that, they’re remarkably similar to one another.

As previously mentioned, for those with large homes, the extra performance, as well as the higher capacity dirt bin of the R85, will serve you well. The costlier price tag will be well worth it. On the other hand, we’ll recommend the shark ion robot r75, which is more affordable, to most other people.


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