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Can't get SFX when I play on 7th Heaven mod manager.


Hello everyone! My name is Grimm and I am new to this forum.

I have just recently installed 7th Heaven on my laptop and downloaded the Ninostyle HD Chibi mods and the Remako mods. I have also replaced the music with Final Fantim's music.

I got all these mods working, but when I tested the game, it had no sound effects. I looked around on the internet and have not found a fix for this issue or any advice. Who know, maybe I missed it? I DID look pretty hard though.

I decided instead to just create an account on Qhimm and ask you guys if any of you could help me with this problem. Does anybody have any advice? Is this the appropriate forum or subforum?

Please pardon me if I am in the inappropriate place for this question.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance!

Inside your settings/game driver. Go to the advanced tab and change the SFX dropdown to Originalaudio.dat.
That should do it for ya

If you have FF7 on Steam, you can download and install 7th Heaven 2.0 to mod the game very easily.

I have the same issues, but i can't find the solution you give. Can you explain me in detail?
Thank you


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