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[PS1] How to mod the game correctly and correctly create CD image?


The Great Sephiroth:
How to mod PS1 version of the game? I tried modding some files and then reinserting them to CD image, recreating CD image using program called psx mode2 or something like that. Everything worked at first but after some playtime it seems the game hangs/crashes at certain parts/moments whereas original CD image will not crash. Tried it the second time modding the same files (but slightly different) and then creating CD image the same way. Effect was pretty similiar. The game crashed/hanged but in different parts/moments whereas with original image it would be OK. So what is the deal with PS1 modding? How to do it effectively and which program to use to create CD image?

I think without knowing what changes you made the only answers you will get will be guesses

The Great Sephiroth:
So I tried modding FF7 PS1 version with various succes rates. I am only doing some changes to KERNEL.BIN. Once I managed to make perfectly working image. I made slight changes to KERNEL.BIN. After that Windows showed that KERNEL.BIN is 21.5 kB (don't remember it in bytes). After that I increased its size to 21.8 kB (22376 bytes, exactly as in original) by zeroing at the end. And I inserted this file to CD images. And the game was working perfectly fine in every area. But now I tried it again. I tried modding the game again by modding also the KERNEL.BIN only. But this time there were more changes in KERNEL.BIN. Not much more. But very slightly more. KERNEL.BIN ended with 21.6 kB (don't remember in bytes) in Windows. I increased the size to 21.8 kB (22376 bytes as in original) by zeroing at the end and inserted the file to CD images. So I did basically the same thing. But first modification works perfectly and the second hangs/freezes. So what is wrong with PS1 FF7 modding? Why it is not working? Are there any other hidden necessities? Why it is so hard and complicated? On PC version I can do anything with KERNEL.BIN and then copy and paste it and it always works. On PS1 it is not so easy. What is needed to make it work?


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