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Cannot apply mods with (latest version of)7th Heaven


Couple of months ago, my 5-year-old desktop died after suffering sudden crashes for days.  I rebuilt a new desktop(Ryzen 5600X + ASUS Prime X570 Pro + GeForce RTX 3060 Ti + 32GB RAM + 512GB nvme + 1TB SATA SSD + 4TB HDD(I thought I bought Ultrastar)), installed the game(NOT steam, it's a good old one), installed the latest stable versions of FFNx and 7th Heaven, and downloaded some mods through the mod manager.  After setting mod order and click 'play', I found out graphic replacers don't work. 

So far:
- Kernel edit like 'Modern spell names' works.
- ESUI partially works, as textures and font replacement weren't applied.
- No model/texture replacers are working.
- FMV replacers, such as Cosmos FMV, seemingly work properly.
- Music replacers don't work? (Music files copied to (FF7 Install path)/music/vgmstream plays well)

I 'updated' FFNx and 7th Heaven to Canary, but there is no change yet.  Graphic replacers still don't work.  I'm sure 7th Heaven path setting is right, and everything is in its place.

Sounds like your mods folder (which contains a folder called "textures" and "7th heaven") isn't in the right place... It needs to be right by ff7.exe

They are.  I installed mods via 7th Heaven.  I said kernel edit and FMV replacement work, but not model/texture replacers.

That issue exist, I had it too, back in time, why no idea, i have deleted FFVII, reinstalled it again from steam, starts it one time, then FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe then 7h-portable.
After that, all was working again.

and save your IROs and maybe the FFNx.toml, better set the folder to an other place not inside FFVII.  8)

Looks like it's similar issue:


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