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Hi all,

it's been a while since I played FF7 and I have to say that the overall quality of your mods has gotten even better!
Thank you all for your great work.

Now about the matter of my issues.

I first installed Steam + FF7 + 7th Heaven on my desktop PC.
Whenever I start the game through 7th heaven and starting a new game, the intro FMV won't play, the screen just stays black.
I have read a bunch of other posts about it, but most don't seem to have an answer.

I found a few possible solutions, like this one:
Unfortunately they don't work. Reinstalling also won't help, neither does starting the game without mods.
I also read something about missing movies, but shouldn't I have the same problem when starting via Steam?
It works fine if I do.
Via 7H the game also can't find my save games, via Steam it does.

Moving on...

I installed Steam + FF7 + 7th Heaven on my laptop. It has a Ryzon CPU, which I also read some things about here.
Either way, FF7 works fine when starting through 7H, even with mods.
I have the following ones installed now, loading in this order:

[Tsunamods] Cosmo Memory
[Tsunamods] SYW V6 FMV 60fps
[Tsunamods] Wizard Staff
Jessie Mod
60/30 FPS Animations for NT
60/30 FP Gameplay
Ninostyle Battle
[Tsunamods] Avalanche Arisen Battle Textures
Ninostyle HD
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Field Textures
NT 2.0
OST Music Remastered
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Minigames Textures
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Spell Textures
[Tsunamods] Enhanced Stock UI
Gameplay Tweaks
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Menu and Fonts
Wictoriously Avatar Pack
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Worldmap Textures

Most of the mods are not completely configured; for example [Tsunamods] SYW V5 Menu and Fonts has only HD Game over screens and HD credits turned on.

Ingame I encounter some small graphical inconsistencies, which I can't capture on a screenshot.
It's at the bottom of the screen and looks like the textures are freezing for a micro second when the screen is moving.

I've tried turning some of the mods off and on, but to no avail.

The only thing that helps is turning the Enhanced Stock UI off, which does take care of the graphical bug.
However, then the dialogue boxes aren't displayed correctly.

I'd be glad for some ideas as to what would be the most prudent thing to do.
Just make a choice and go with it?
(Which I probably will.)

This is the one that kind of annoys me.
NT 2.0 seems to be working fine as I heal 300 for a potion.
However, I have not gotten a dialogue box where I choose the game type.

Any ideas why not?
Have I not reached that point yet?
Could I make changes in a game file somewhere to circumvent the missing choice?

Anyway, if you read the entire post you have my sincerest thanks.
I don't mean to nitpick or anything, I am happy enough to play the game as it is. Would still appreciate if anyone has some thoughts.


Jos from NL


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