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[PSX] Image file extractor and related tools (2008-01-06)

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Jenova's Witness:

If you could make a text/dialog editor, that would be amazing! I might translate FF9 into Basque. :)

Sorry for the necro but i was wondering, Does this extract the 2d assets of the game? (such as the GUI textures) or is this just for 3d models?

I downloaded Zidane_2's FF9 Fields Viewer but in order to view the game's fields I've unpack the ff9.img file. Zidane_2 developed a tool for this and it's available on a separate Qhimm thread but the download link is dead. I read that Noesis can unpack the files but after doing so I don't see the files laid out in the directories described (EX folder 4 is "fields", folder 5 is "monster data" ect.) Anyone able to post a live download link to the FF9 image file extractor or have advice on how to get the Field Viewer to read the ff9.img file?

Zidane's website seems down but it wasn't like 2 weeks ago.
I upload back the img_extractor and the converter. It should be a temporary link, though. I'll upload it for a longer time if Zidane_2 doesn't do it.

EDIT : [link removed] Zidane's website is back !


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