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I actually found a very interesting "Renaming" bug.

When I used HWS to change the names of Support abilities and Items in the Moguri-Memoria FF9, the next line of anything that I changed had the name show as "blank" (empty).

For example, I renamed Auto-Life(the support ability) to Auto-Revive instead (to distinguish with the Blue Magic Auto-Life). Auto-Revive showed up fine in game, but the next support ability after it is HP+10%. HP+10% showed as blank. So I then tested this and named HP+10% as Vitality+10%. Vitality+10% appeared just fine, but then HP+20% showed as blank. Which I then named to Vitality+20%, which made Distract show as blank. And so on.

Then I tried to rename Items as well. I renamed Octagon Rod to Octagon Staff. High Mage Staff's name disappeared and showed blank. I then renamed High Mage Staff to High Sage Staff, and Mace of Zeus showed up as blank.

This does not happen to Spells, only to Support and Items. The functionality is also not affected (if you equip a blank HP+10%, you still see your max HP change immediately).

I think that's because you don't have the latest version of Memoria. Your installation sequence is the best but for some reason I think you didn't use the latest version (June 2023).

Thanks, it was exactly that. Happy Holidays to you Tirlititi.

I have a text problem, with v0.50b

I installed FF9 > Moguri Mod > Memoria > Hades Workshop v0.50b

I used the original Assembly-Csharp.dll from an unmodded version of FF9, named it Assembly-Csharp_Vanilla.dll and put it in the Hades Workshop Folder.
I made only a single change, the name of the spell Fire to FireA just to test.
I clicked Save Steam Mod, "Spreadsheets(Memoria)" and "Raw Assets", saved to HadesWorkshopMod folder right inside FINAL FANTASY IX.
I changed Memoria.ini

FolderNames="HadesWorkshopMod", "MoguriFiles", "MoguriSoundtrack", "MoguriVideo"

When I load the game, all the spells are showing as blank names. When cast, they still cast but all names are blank.

If I delete HadesWorkshopMod folder, the spell names go back to being Fire etc.
If I mod a non-Moguri non-Memoria (unmodded) FF9 with HWS v0.50b, it works perfectly fine, I see the spell FireA.

Any idea what could have gone wrong?

Thank you for this update! It works like a charm now, I have not encountered any bugs yet with the most recent version.

Thanks for trying to make the workshop compatible with our different version of FF9. :)

I tried the 0.35b, and indeed it did not crash at the start anymore(i can see the Final Fantasy IX Logo) so that's an improvement! But then I tried to modify something in the Commands menu(I replaced Medeo in SFX into Firaga) and saved. Weird things happened the moment I got into a battle. All my characters were showing at 9999 HP and 999 MP(which was definitely not the case on the save I loaded), full trance and ATB bar, but could not get a turn(the Commands do not show up in battle). Then an enemy did 4 damage infinitely to Quina and it kept showing 4 damage over and over(without Quina's HP ever decreasing)...

I am sticking to version 0.34b for now. Even though I cannot have access to modifying Commands and Stats, at least the game does not crash. I am hoping the workshop becomes fully compatible with all versions of FF9 at some point.

Thanks again!

Edit: Okay, after further testing with version 0.35b
Spells panel works just fine, and the Status panel has been completely fixed. I can create new Status sets completely.

Shops panel has also been fixed(it used to show Daguerreo's inventory as Ipsen Castle and I had to go to each location one by one to track which was which). Now Daguerreo's list is showing as Daguerreo correctly.

Commands panel works fine now. Before, the workshop would crash the moment I clicked on any Commands(such as Summon) probably because that was linked to the Stats panel(which crashed when clicked) and I would have to force it to close through Task Manager. I have not tried modifying Commands much yet since it seem the Stats panel must match(according the post about the Steam version), which brings us to the next point

Stats panel does not crash in the workshop. You can edit it. But if you edit anything at all, the problem mentioned above occurs. I tried something simple such as replacing Garnet's Healer support ability with Restore HP instead. Anything of the sort completely messes the game up and all battles freeze in an infinite loop of damage or heal numbers. (Also Reflect's red sparkles somehow weirdly get frozen in place)

Here is a copy of the Assembly-CSharp.dll that I have

This is not modded.

If you load this one in your FF9, do you see the Status list get messed up too?
(No Status shows as Petrify+Venom+Trouble) etc.

I think this is why many people are getting the Stats panel to crash/freeze/not-load as well, we have a different version of FF9. It's not the japanese version and has no japanese language option either. It has English US UK, French, Italian, Spanish.

Okay so from testing
On a fresh copy of FF9 that was just installed with no mods(that I got from Steam)
1. HW 0.35 did not crash my Stats tab when clicked on it(compared to 0.34b which completely froze the program and Windows would say stopped working close it), but there was nothing displayed on the Stats tab at all. I could go back and forth to Spells and Stats tabs without it freezing/crashing.
2. The Status list still shows as Petrify+Venom+Trouble for No Status.
3. Both CIL Macros apply perfectly fine. There is no crash, they save just fine, they can be applied individually or one after the other(they can also be unapplied). Running the game with it just fine as well(I only loaded one save quickly so I have not checked for bugs with no cheats, but the game loads fine).

After modifying a fresh FF9 with the Assembly-CSharp.dll that I received(replacing the old file that came originally with FF9)
1. HW 0.35 finally loads the Stats tab correctly with the names and all.
2. The Status list now correctly shows No Status as the first option.
3. Both CIL Macros apply perfectly fine too, no crash.
EDIT: HW0.35 works fine with the new copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll that I received but the game does not load. It stays stuck on black screen.
Also note that my Assembly-CSharp.dll is 3967KB while the one I received is 3923KB.
EDIT again: After comparing the two files side by side in a hex editor, the content looks different. The last address in my copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll is 003DF9F0 while the one in the file I received is 003D49F0. This is probably the reason for all the freezes and weird things happening, the contents of the addresses dont match. It seems there are 2 kinds of Assembly-CSharp.dll for FF9 Steam out there.

Another bug that I get often:
There is also a crash that occurs occasionally for me right after selecting the language when opening FF9 in HW, but it does not occur every time(Windows says program has stopped running). This happens with both versions 0.34, 0.34b, 0.35(I have not tested older versions) and regardless of FF9 fresh or modded.

Hold everything ! A new problem has just popped.
It seems that if you modify something in the "Items/Key Items" panels and export the mod to Steam, then the battle won't start properly in-game (either a black screen either you can see enemies with very few luminosity).

The saving/loading of .hws files seems to work fine still. Nothing's lost as long as you use that saving method.

Fixing that asap.

I also noticed some issues with loading .hws files from PSX version.

If I load a full Spells list from PSX into Steam, my cutscenes get messed up(they slow down extremely even under superspeed F1 and the camera does not focus on the scene, as well as weird objects appearing). For example, in the Vivi puts Garnet's white mage cloak on fire scene in disc1, Vivi and the 2 knights of pluto get into T-Position(default standing position with arms widespread) and move around weirdly.

If I load a Command list from PSX to Steam, my Sword Magic list gets completely emptied on Steiner with no way to remedy that. All save files also show as "corrupted" if I load Command list(but not Spell or other list). If I save a file with the new Command list it works fine, but then shows "corrupted" in-turn if I restore the original Command list(while my original save files get reverted to non-corrupted).

If I load a full Shop list from PSX into Steam, my shops also get messed up. For example, Cinna is supposed to sell Potions, Phoenix Downs and Tents(normal item shop) but is now selling some really advanced stuff(Diamond Sword and other Oeilvert Shop items).

Also want to mention that the "list of Status" in the Spells panel shows really weirdly when opening a FF9 Steam. For example, the first one in the list should show No Status but is actually showing Petrify+Venom+Trouble. However it acts correctly in-game and applies No Status. I copied to the status list from PSX down to note which number refers to what status for the time being...

Can someone who does not have the Stats panel Freeze bug please upload me their copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll so that I can test if the freezing problem really comes from that? Thanks.

Hi everone, version 0.35 is now available :
- You can now poorly modify the IL script code (more details below),
- In the same panel, the feature called "Macro" allows to do pre-generated IL script modifications. For now, only two are availables :
--- Unlock Ability Learning for Beatrix : allows Beatrix to learn abilities like a regular character and to use supporting abilities (more below),
--- Disable Cheats : remove the booster features of the Steam version. The speedup is still available but it also speeds up timed game phases, like Hot & Cold or the 30 minutes Alexandria event.
- Fixed the export/import text batching,
- Fixed several bugs in scripts edition (when I say "script" alone, I mean the field/World and enemy AI scripts).

Two notes about IL scripts :
1) It is an assembly-type script, so it will be very very hard to decipher (plus, as said, the way HW displays it is not the best...). I can't imagine someone doing proper things if he doesn't have the source/decompiled C# code to compare with.
2) The list of IL instructions can be found here for instance :
IL and CIL are synonymous.

One of the most useful IL type to look at and modify must be "btl_calc" : every methods of this type are useful. It contains the same battle mechanics as the available MIPS code in the PSX version : damage calculations, status adding, special spell requirements... I modified a bit a version of the these methods to make it a bit more convenient (I changed the names of those "CalcSub" methods). You can find it here :

About IL Macros, they modify one or several methods ; if you modify those methods yourself aside of that, the related macro will not be available anymore. I'm planning on adding options for them also, so you can decide if you want to disable all the cheats or just some of them for instance. One of their point is also that they will be updated and the bugs (if any) will be fixed without for you to change everything if a bug is found for a macro.

About the "Unlock Ability Learning for Beatrix", you need to do two things so that it works : apply the macro and give to Beatrix AP requirements to her abilities (and optionnally supporting skills). She then will be like a normal character, which also means that her abilities won't be available from the start. You can make her learn her standard abilities by adding this code inside the field scripts when you recruit her for the first time :
In "A. Castle/Queen's Chamber" (the 3rd one when the fields are not sorted alphabetically ; there are functions with "Queen_Brahne" and "Bandersnatch" in the list on the left),
In the function "Beatrix_Loop", go at the very bottom of the function, there is a line "Battle( 0, 916 )" which is the battle against Bandersnatch.
Add these lines right before that battle :
Code: [Select]
        LearnAbility( 8, 149 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 150 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 151 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 152 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 2 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 5 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 6 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 10 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 14 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 16 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 19 )
        LearnAbility( 8, 24 )
Then parse and confirm.

Also, I checked and you can use this macro for the same purpose on Marcus, Blank and Cinna (if you give them abilities to learn). Their ability AP progression will even be conserved if you save/load the game, but, judging from the source code (maybe gjoerulv can confirm that, or someone tests it), they will be saved on the ability AP slots of the corresponding regular character : If Marcus learn abilities in disc 2, Eiko will have abilities learned as soon as you recruit her.
The script opcodes "LearnAbility" and "UnlearnAbility" should do the trick for that.
Beatrix has not this kind of problem since she doesn't share her character slot with someone else. Her ability learning progression is saved properly.

About the "Stats" panel bug now...
I wasn't able to reproduce it, but I think I know where it comes from : you somehow don't have the same Assembly-CSharp.dll as me.
You may try to reinstall FFIX to fix that problem (don't forget to copy your saves and such). I will need to fix it anyway because I don't want HW to be dependant on having the exact same files as the normal ones. I spent quiet some time trying to fix that already, though...
If one of you three who have the bug can check something for me :
- Check that you can go to the "CIL code" panel and that if you apply the CIL macro "Unlock Ability Learning for Beatrix", there's no bug (the tool doesn't crash, can save the Steam mod and the works will run fine (check up to the Main Menu screen)).
- However, if you apply the other macro "Disable Cheats", then check that it won't work (either HW crashes when you save the Steam mod, either the game crashes when you launch it afterward).

If both checks goes how I think, then I know why the stats panel bugs.

About field backgrounds, I've tried to adjust the alpha channel (despite it was adjusted according to the standard picture format, which is called DXT5 btw). I think it's a bit better now but it's still far from clean. I couldn't find why it's not the same as the in-game pictures, but that may be related to how they draw it. Each tile is actually, unlike for the PSX version, used for UV mapping and the background is rendered as a 3D model composed of planes one behind the others.

I think the next release will be a bug-fix for this stat panel thing. I will try to add a few more macros as well : if you have ideas, toss them at me !

Hmm...I have the stat panel crash problem every single time, and I still get it with a fresh copy of FF9 Steam. In the meantime, could you please provide a copy of YOUR Assembly-CSharp.dll so I can try replacing with that and see if the crash still happens? I think it's a small enough file. Thanks.

MP Multiplier of Spells:
0 = Nothing special
1 = Can be used in menu(such as Cure). Does nothing & waste mp if you allow some commands(such as Flare) to be used on a party member in menu.
2 = Blue Magic(this skill may be obtained by Eat/Cook). Character must have skill available in Ability set.
3 = No idea, havent tested. Not used for anything by the game though.
4 = Makes MP cost 4x the amount. Used on Garnet's Eidolons.

For example, if i swap Ifrit's MP Multiplier from 4 to 1, Ifrit's MP cost becomes 26(the regular amount) and becomes usable from the menu. Since Ifrit does nothing in terms of "Heal/Status/Revive", the character just wastes 26 MP.

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