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I upgraded the forum software from SMF 1.1 to SMF 2.0. The transition was not 100% clean, so please have a look around and report any problems or issues here (in this thread).

Not sure if you intended this or not.   General needs moderator approval for guests to start a new topic, but not to reply.      In Completely Unrelated, guests can start new topics and reply.   

Also not sure what happened here

Brand new members are required to fill out a captcha only on their first post.   Members can also delete any posts they've made.  This includes the original post/thread as long as no one has replied in it.

Holy cats! I have an Admin panel now... I'm poking around to see what toys I have...

Not sure if anything can be done about this or if it's even a problem with the software, but the jumplist at the bottom (which I am constantly using) doesn't display any other forum sections unless you wiggle the mouse around a little bit, which is kinda strange. Not that it's a major problem - might just be me.
EDIT: On closer inspection, it just takes longer for them to show up.

"The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved."

I'm new here so I'm not sure if it's your way to disable avatars/attachments or really a bug :P


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