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Project still not dead, and I still working on it.
Lately I tried few others Render Engines like crystal space and irrlicht to power up q-gears. Irrlicht seems more suitable. Now I try to port everything to it. Render looks like old engine. It lacks of normal collada support but I implement it to be able to edit models in 3d editors like blender.

Now I work on GUI implementation. I found videos from Falsate who create very cool GUI remake of FFVII ( and try to mate this things posible. This is very good Idea for Avalanche project too.

At the same time I reverse scripting system in FFIX. A lot of interesting Ideas there =)

All I can really say is keep up the good work, man.  Your dedication to this is nothing short of amazing!

Since it is Irrlicht now, I can maybe start hacking it on my freetime too.
However It's not that hard to do own OGL renderer also, (I've come quite far with C/C++ and OpenGL since we last time talked)

But yeah, irrlicht seems like best bet to go, so don't need to fiddle head with renderer framework design and other things.
However Irrlicht has been also quite dead nowadays and seems to have some annoyances.

If I may ask, what is the reason for the switch from Ogre to Irrlicht?


--- Quote from: SpooX on 2011-04-08 16:00:45 ---Akari,
If I may ask, what is the reason for the switch from Ogre to Irrlicht?

--- End quote ---

I'm not switched. I just tried other render engines. After trying to port things to Irrlicht I still think that ogre is a best way to go.

Irrlicht lacks of supporting normal materials/animations/mesh formats and many many things. You can write all of them by yourself but it seems to be less efficient and more time consuming.
Ogre is harder to use but it has much more posibilities. You can really use it to normal game. There are build for PS3 =)


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