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This project is back on hiatus. Trying to cast Barret had held us back for such a large amount of time, that everyone had already gone on to do different things. By the time we found Barret, he just never committed to the role. We recasted Barret, we received lines from the new Voice Actor, revisions were requested and nothing came of it. By this time, I had figured we'd just send out the script for Episode 1.2, forget Barret, figure him out later. We submitted the script, the deadline had passed, only received lines from one character. Everyone else had given up.

I'm not going to chase after a lost cause. I'm going to finish working on my successful Final Fantasy IX Dub ( I'm already chasing after a large number of people for Final Fantasy IX, as well as in the works of starting a Dub for Final Fantasy VIII. Once I finish my Final Fantasy IX Dub, I'll see about re-casting for Final Fantasy VII. Marc has also said that he will jump back on-board when I have another cast list together, but I'm not holding anyone's hand through this. It was their responsibility to commit and they let us down.

I'll try this again once I finish my Final Fantasy IX Dub. Until then, you are all more than welcome to help me put a cast together. If anyone out there is willing to help get this project back together, I'd be greatful, I'm just way too busy with other projects right now to clean up a mess that nobody has any interest in.

I have never really been into voice acting for VII but it is a shame your project fell through.  Oh well, always next time :)

I do still have all my lines from the FTP from our original attempt. I'll hold on to them indefinitely.

If you ever try to tackle this again, you're welcome to my recordings.

I don't currently have time to help with anything new. But should the next attempt take place in more than 5 years from now, I will (hopefully) be done with my studies and be earning enough money to have much more free time in my life. I'd then be happy to help with whatever roles you had need of.

What is the mechanism for adding the spoken dialogue to the game?
Is there source code available?

I'm left with the impression that a large amount of dialogue is already recorded.
Having every word spoken isn't necessary in a first release.
Even a partially completed release will spark interest in this project.

It was indeed decided this attempt was as futile as the first one.

I won't initiate another resurection of this project.  If Mesden gets around to it and is succesful, then I'll be happy to reprise my current implcation.  If someone else wants to tackle this, feel free.  Be advised the game is 750 pages of single spaced formatted text.  All of which needs to be voiced by about 40 voice actors who all are not paid.  A monumental task to say the least.

Much of the game has NOT been recorded (not even 10% in fact) and is incomplete with characters missing so can't be released in 9its current state, not even as a demo.

Dziugo is the one who wrote the implementation and it is closed source but perhaps he would be willing to share it with someone else attemtping this project.  It's his call and I will not share the program's files with anybody without his express permission.

If someone wishes to tackle this again, I'm willing to send the script and assist in any way I can but for now, I consider this project dead.


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