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How about moving to UNREAL 4.X?

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What the title says. Now that it is completely free for non commercial creations...
Would it be too difficult to recreate the PSOne era FF engines on it? Is it worth the trouble?

I think such an advanced yet seemingly simple to use and well supported tool would benefit the advancement in Q-Gears.

What does Unreal 4 have to offer that the current engine doesn't that would actually be useful to Q-Gears? When you're cloning software from the '90s, using too advanced an engine would merely serve to raise system requirements with no real gain.

Well, it all depends on how you want it to be recreated, either 100% equal to the original -including data format limitations- or
adapting it to newer standards, surpass limitations, and make use of toolset and data integration. You'd want runtime game editing too probably.  :wink:
I think another benefit would reside in the great community around UNREAL, which could help too in submitting work to Q-Gears.  :roll:

I'm no expert on this matter yet I can clearly see some benefits.
Anyway it may depend too on the expertise of the development team, or the willingness to throw away some or much of the infrastructure already built to support Q-Gears if any.  :?
Now that I think about it, this all is applicable to UNITY too...  :-\

Unity 4 has infinitely better documentation and better support for a lot of standard game development stuff... reliable interoperability between a modeling/animating/texturing suites. Qgears is built around ogre3d which isn't technically a game engine, it is a renderer with some extras. Everything else is either coded or handled by another project, such as luabind. Switching over to unity would be a lot of work at this point, not to mention, ffvii wouldn't take advantage of a lot of unity's features

Help make QGears work at all, then feel free to port to UE :)

Right now we need people that know the FF7 formats etc. I have an issue with model sizes/rotations, no engine will solve this problem.

Rendering g-shaded triangles really doesn't need UE.


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