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[FF6] [OPEN BETA] Dancing Mad - FF6 Audio Replacement using MSU-1

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New PCM pack! 100% piano!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5mOs7O1dvg

Music Creator: Kara Comparetto

Kara playing FFVI with her music (via this mod and PCM pack, obviously) on stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1287314607

PCM pack: https://mega.nz/file/HAp0kQwT#QA2-WGrK2KpMRkPrdpKludpkYXL_iXR4MBjAZYPExXU

Also includes folders with 3 optional tracks: Zozo with rain SFX added; The Opera with the SPC "voice" added; and an alternate Dancing Mad (final boss theme) by the same creator that is piano + organ ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMDcL0reo5Y ).

Unknown atm if this will get added to the installer eventually or not, but it's a 100% complete set with every song in the game.


--- Quote from: Iunnrais on 2021-09-18 09:52:35 ---Edit: Turns out my "fresh 1.0 file"... probably wasn't.  It said it was, and the installer thought it was, but when I grabbed a verified rom from archive.org and tried patching it again, it worked fine.   So if you're someone in the future coming across the same problem of crashing at the first battle... check your source rom one more time!

2) Have you seen the "Orchestral Fantasy" youtube channel? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1FpelirPgQ&list=PL23xVb3fauVXHAR8k1ery3eQZrAYDkCIZ&index=1 )  This guy does FF6 live instrument covers that are incredibly accurate to the original OST, including an English voiced cover of Aria de Mezzo Carattere that's true to the original Woolsey text.  He doesn't have the full soundtrack yet, but he does have a significant portion of it available.  I'd love to use his versions where possible.

3) On that note, is there any way the installer could make use of your own MP3 / FLAC files instead of downloading from your server?  That would future proof the project as well, and let anyone maintain it with new music as awesome fans make new covers.

--- End quote ---
Yea, that sounds like the bugs that happen when you apply the Ted Woolsey patch onto a US v1.1 ROM.

I'll check out that composer, but at present I'm not really looking into converting more PCM sets for this unless I find a complete set that covers every song in the game... Or occasionally individual songs of particular quality I stumble across. (and yes, I see the irony of saying this in the same post I release a PCM set)

ANY track can be converted, so using your own MP3/FLAC file is possible... But you'd need to do the work of looping, converting, and normalizing the track to actually use it in-game. Converting all the PCM's into MP3/FLAC for storage, then reconverting back into PCM via a script is... Not really feasible. Just read the last page or two of this thread for more detailed discussion on this.

Hi, thanks for sharing it's really great!

Mini Militia App Lock

Just posting to update that there's been a new release. Nothing monumental, a workaround for an issue with music resuming on the SD2SNES as well as a number of major fixes to the installer. Presets are now also available as packs for direct download.

Check here for more details.


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