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[FF6] [OPEN BETA] Dancing Mad - FF6 Audio Replacement using MSU-1

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Having done some investigations into how FF3's internal music handling works, I had to update a number of the tracks above to reflect new findings.

I just wanna go on the record as saying OCRemix's "Dancing Mad" was a right pain. Had to make multiple versions with different loops, to be used depending on what ASM magic insidious611 is able to pull off, which was made really fun (difficult) by the fact that the OCRemix version of this song was meant to be listened to as a single piece; the remixer quite clearly never expected anyone to try and tear it apart in the middle to restore the original loop points from the SNES game.

I imagine the opera will require even more extensive audio editing, in addition to whatever ASM work insidious611 does with the timing. I can't wait, this is the most fun I've had on a project in a long time.

Guess what!

We have liftoff! The game is playing our tracks!

There's a bunch of bugs to fix, but lets celebrate what we have with a video.


Very nice work.  Glad someone's taking the time to improve ff6 a little bit

Current Bugs:

* (Maybe fixed) Playing game music and MSU-1 music together after battle. Hacked around by zeroing the game's internal music playing variables if MSU playing succeeds, that way it doesn't have anywhere to load from. Seems to work. Better fix would be to find out what routine is re-enabling internal music, but I haven't had success with that yet.

* (Not yet fixed, but fix proposed) Silence or looping Prelude (load screen music) on load of saved game. This is likely because  some or all of the internal music variables are being saved on game save and then loaded on game load, and because we've told the internal music routine to mute the music, it's being skipped. The possible fix? Hook the save routines and copy our variables in place of the game's. This *should*, as long as the game is calling the "new track" routine on load, mean we're playing the proper music on load.

I'm not releasing this until we've got three things, roughly in order:

1. Special handling working for at *least* Dancing Mad, we might be able to just work around The Phantom Train but we need to be able to play 3 different loops for the Dancing Mad tiers even though there's only one internal track for it.

2. All of the music for all of the versions looped and trimmed.

3. A full playthrough of the entire game with everything working, on Higan, Bsnes (though on Bsnes SPU fallthrough on missing track won't work) and, if I can find someone with an sd2snes or afford one for myself, sd2snes, with MSU-1 music working for everything *but* the opera. Also, a full playthrough of the game on an emulator that doesn't support MSU, to make sure we aren't breaking things.

The opera is likely going to be left for a second release because it's going to involve *major* hooking of routines and timing issues, so for the first release it's probably going to be left to SPC only.


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