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Hey newcomer here,

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Looking for a mod which brings back the original ATB Wait functionality.
The Wait ATB worked exactly as you'd expect it to on the PS version. If your ATB filled up before the enemy you were guaranteed the next turn. You could of course press 'O'/'X'? to cancel your battle menu which would skip your turn (enemy would attack). The original version felt more like a queue (real turn based play). The current version has no such wait... not even while selecting magic like some seem to suggest. This feature is just totally broken in the PC version and i cannot believe there isn't a drop in patch or a checkbox in the "Gameplay - Tweaks and Cheats" mod.

I'm happy to dive in and start looking around if someone can point a noobie modder (software engineer) in the right direction.
Are these kind of tweaks possible? anyone know where to start looking?

And before anyone suggests.... pausing the game is not what I'm looking for here :p

Sega Chief:
Bit confused, the Wait ATB setting definitely works on PC in the same way as the PSX version. When your ATB gauge fills and the command menu appears, the flow of battle still continues; it only freezes the gauge when you enter a sub-menu (magic, item, etc.) or are selecting a target for your action. It'll also halt during certain animations (sometimes at start, sometimes midway through).

Got an example of Wait ATB being used as-is here on PC version; the ATB gauge always stops when I open a menu or when selecting targets:

I might be mistaken and the PSX Wait ATB could be different, but I did a challenge run on the PSX version a few years ago and it seemed to be identical. In this vid, at the start of the fight, the gauge still shows 'Time' when I'm on the command menu and doesn't swap to Wait until I open menu/select target (which means ATB flow is still going):

Active=only stops for summons/equivalents.
Recomended=atbs gauges stop filling while attacks/magic are actually happening.
Wait=ATBs also stop while spell/item/target selection menus open.

It has NEVER stopped when the root menu was open ever.

In all three settings, as near as I can tell, any ENEMY who's gauge (that you can't see) fills goes instantly, or after the current attack animation finishes if on active, while party members go in the order they filled. limit breaks are sort of an exception, as even if you have a party member's gauge that filled while an enemy was taking a turn, if the enemy's attack caused a limit gauge to fill, that character will be lined up for next turn as soon as the limit break is selected and targeted.

The practical result is that on Active if you have any menu open including root, ALL player turns are paused regardless of player ATB gauges, and ALL enemy turns that are ready can cut ahead in line until you lock in a player action. On Recommended the enemy gauges fill up slower because they are paused during attacks. On wait, opening a submenu stops the enemies from adding to their gauge.


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