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[FF8 Remastered] need help with ff8 exe editing

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--- Quote from: miruss89 on 2022-01-23 09:10:08 ---Thank you so much. its works.

Do you know which offset in the file controls Squall's Renzokuken Finisher? i've tried edit each weapon in the kernel.bin with Doomtrain to just enable certain finisher but the game keep crashing. Maybe parameter which are controlling the Renzokuken Finisher are stored in EFIGS.dll or the .exe?

i've got no experience in either programming or reverse engineering. i've tried downloading Ghidra. But don't know how to use it. LOL :'(

--- End quote ---

Finally i've found ways to hex edit the EFIGS.dll to make Renzokuken Finisher to always Lion Heart

To set the Renzokuken Finisher to Lion Heart permanently, change 0x2DAE93 from 8B 16 to B2 03 and 0x2DAEAC from 8B 0E to B1 03


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