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Completely Unrelated / Re: Post a pic... you have taken
« on: 2010-03-23 22:36:32 »
My first contribution... beer, naturally chilled in snowing Netherlands. ;D

And Jari you have some nice pics there... makes me want to get a DSLR and start some photography.... even if I am rubbish in it (I suppose everyone has to start somewhere, right?)

Completely Unrelated / Re: New Skin, Different Methods..
« on: 2010-03-02 21:43:33 »
Pictures? You mean avatars? They are not working? ...I guess the upgrade might have broken them.
Definitely - I updated my avatar through the stock pictures available before the upgrade - right now the selection has gone missing.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Avatar
« on: 2010-03-02 21:39:47 »
There's a joke circulating around that Cameron just modified the script from Pocahontas :-D

Completely Unrelated / Re: Interesting puzzle game
« on: 2007-04-29 11:33:43 »
Got all yellow, and same problem with Spiro, figuur6 doesn't seem to accept 10 as the minimum.
EDIT - figuur8 can be reduced to 12 too, instead of the suggested 16.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What consoles do you all own?
« on: 2006-11-25 00:25:34 »
NES, Playstation2 and more recently a DS Lite, after being pestered by my friends to get one.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-06-22 22:59:35 »
Hey, congrats to both of you (Covarr and NobodyImportant). I think halkun has made the right decision.

Keep it up! :-)

As for me, I've another assignment (Web based) to contend with.. I wanted to post to say that I'm pulling out from this (not that it matters anyway) but the World Cup has been distracting me big time... :-P

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-06-03 19:52:04 »
Crimson Editor 3.70? I'll have to check that out. I really like your design, sudokuman, but how's upkeep? Also, won't it be hard to replace that logo with the one that won halkun's contest?
Upkeep isn't that bad. The links are linked into a header file, so new links can be easily added. What I have to admit though, is that if I added more links it would "break" the horizontal bar design that I was aiming to keep for - but I can always revert to a 2 column page to make the links extendable (Vertical instead). I've also stored a template for the icon background so I can always add a new one whenever I feel like it, but I can always use a generic one that works on all links.
As for logo I was tempted to use Qhimm's winning entry but I thought I better included some of my original work rather than using his - again can be easily fixed using some photoshop.

I've got a CMS in the works that allows multiple category editing and entry (via SQL), comments, BB code support, image uploader, etc.. which is pretty much almost like CuteNews.. but it is still in Highly Experimental status, which is why I am reluctant to demonstrate on that yet. Besides, I need to get AES working before I do anything.....

NobodyImportant: Thanks, I have to say I like your design as well.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-06-02 20:18:31 »
Here comes nothing...

It doesn't have any CMS or system running behind it yet; everything is composed of static data. I don't have enough webspace to upload a CMS program up to my webhost anymore :|

I'm also working on my own CMS which is quite lightweight and simple, but it is still experimental... maybe I'll try that, since I had the core development done.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-06-02 11:07:22 »
Halkun, is this still open? I'd love to participate, but I have to say I'm a bit late :|

Completely Unrelated / Re: Quote size...
« on: 2006-06-01 10:01:21 »
*feels relieved as I'm not the only one who has a problem with the quote font size* :-D

Sad Jari is right Lieron, you can change your own quote font size, but how are you suppose to change others if they don't change theirs? (e.g. can you change VincentVal's post quote size without editing his post at the moment?)
Apart from that, you have a problem with nested font size BB tags. What happens if you wanted to quote a text that has different font size on it? Take a look at this example:

Test Ha

I used this:
Code: [Select]
[quote][size=14pt]Test [size=12pt]Ha[/size] [/size][/quote]
Instead of following the normal parenthesis ordering (which you would have ended up with Test Ha ) the forum somewhat reads it from left to right (which makes more sense) - and this is not good if you are attempting to do nested BB code of the same type. The only way right now is to modify the stylesheet - which is why jari provided the link for Stylish - or - alternatively use the zoom function of the browser so that everything looks big :-D

My favourite extensions...
Developer tools ....  :-D
What it does: Disable/Enable Java, Javascript, Meta Redirect, Minimum Font Size, Page Color, etc.. with one toggle of the button, built in EditCSS and EditHTML, allows you to switch stylesheet to do testing on different media types, display form, div info, instant links to html/css validation check, and so on (the list goes on). A must have for people toying around with HTML and CSS.

HTML Validator
Based on Tidy and very useful to check if you have broken your HTML code. Not as reliable/powerful as the w3 validator though, but very handy.

I personally think understanding the semantics, data structures and syntax of a language is more important than to know how to program in "[Insert programming language name here]". Once you're comfortable with those I'm pretty sure you can adapt to different languages easily. (OK, I could be wrong, I've only started programming for 2 years, but that's my take on it) I agree with Alhexx; start from an easy language, grasp the basics and concepts of programming, and then move on to a harder language.

And for the record, DOS and HTML are not programming languages. Since you already know PHP, I think that will give you a good headstart for learning C/C++ or even Java.

I gave up on Stylish - Firefox keeps crashing when I enable it. :roll:
I think other than the quote and comment font size, there's nothing much to complain at the moment. Maybe could change the colour scheme too, but that'll take some time with toying and experimenting the colours.

Neverwinter Nights 2 - that's one game that I've been waiting for some time.

Command & Conquer 3 - not really following its development, but I am well excited over it.

Having said that, I think both games will kill my system easily. Just like how Oblivion did. :-D I need a new graphics card. :-P

I'll help a bit after my exams end (next Tuesday).

Other than that I think it's good, but I still think the font size should be changed to small (from x-small). :-D

You also forgot to mention that this only work for Firefox. :-P

Can try Overclocker's UK
They only sell this though:

This is from Komplett:

....and maybe more. I suppose any 40mm fan would do the job. (I have a pair of 40mm Sunon fans cooling my RAM. Both spinning at 9k rpm. Making the loudest noise in my computer case.) You *might* have to mod the fan a bit if the screws don't fit the normal way. *shrugs*

Announcements and site development / Re: Temporary forums
« on: 2006-05-08 20:07:42 »
Yes, it's just you. :P
*Gasp* I need to go to Specs Savers. :-P

Another interesting problem is that if you set font size for a part of your message and that part gets quoted... the specified font size is retained. And since the other text gets smaller, you'll have part of text that really sticks out. You can see it up there when Qhimm quoted me.
Yup. Specified font sizes are absolute values, so they are retained. Good point on the "sticking out" part. I suppose my previous suggestion (Changing it from x-small to small) will eradicate this "standing out" issue though, since the font size will then be standardised.

No reason to get overly critical though, since this is just the default theme of SMF. And eye candy is not one of SMF's strong suits.
If that's the case then we can blame SMF on their eye candy department :lol:
Having said that, I have an easier time reading and understanding their css code (Compared to phpBB's).

Announcements and site development / Re: Temporary forums
« on: 2006-05-08 18:22:52 »
I'm surprised no one mentioned how small (in terms of font size) the quoted text is yet. Or is it just me?  :-D

Maybe changing the font-size of the quote from x-small to small would be better. Reading quotes on such small font size does hurt my eyes a bit (Especially long, quoted text). I experimented (Changing font-size) using EditCSS in Firefox (as well as increasing the padding/margin) and it is easier for me to read.

Other than that, I have no complains (Smiley issue has been brought up by Jari, and Qhimm is aware of it anyway).. I think this new forum is good.

The PM interface did took me a while to look for it.. before I realised that there *is* a Help button there after all. :-D

Completely Unrelated / Post Your Desktop
« on: 2006-04-09 22:15:10 »
Decided to go for Mac look this time....  :D

New desktop

Alright I guess I should be revising now.... :erm:

Completely Unrelated / Post Your Desktop
« on: 2006-04-03 17:46:42 »
My old desktop.

This is my current desktop....

Archive / Possible downtime [April Fools]
« on: 2006-04-03 10:16:53 »
I've to admit the first paragraph does sound convincing... until the Japanese friend part - the name didn't sound right and gave it away I guess.

If there's a day when you shouldn't trust Qhimm it would be April the first.... :lol:

Anyway, can we have any idea when Opera 9 will be out?? :wink:

Archive / FF8 on Win XP with dual drives problem
« on: 2006-03-02 20:43:10 »
Hmm, that's odd. It worked for me at least.
Are you mounting the FF8 CD images through your virtual drive (Made from CDs) or are you running it directly off a CD/DVD drive?

If you're running directly off a CD/DVD drive I think your disc could be the problem. But that's my guess, it could be something else.

Archive / FF8 on Win XP with dual drives problem
« on: 2006-03-02 10:23:26 »
You have to run the FF8 disc from the drive you installed the game.

Either that, or you can modify the registry to point it to your favoured drive.

You should've read the FF7 Great FAQ. Your answers are there.

First, as to why not to use 'XP'/Anime Vamp patch:

Second, to answer your "Ultima Edition's" originality..

Try Google.

And, if things are OK, your original game should work with WinXP and the Chocobo patch. Try that. If not, post in the forum again. And in the Game Tweaking forum, because this Tech-related is more to programming stuff.

Hello and welcome to the board. I'll make this post short.

Ultima Edition = pirated edition.

I'll let you do the conclusion yourself.

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