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General Discussion / Re: Project edge and discord
« on: 2023-09-24 05:52:42 »
what's your problem with people who don't like discord ?... It's not a crime or supernatural to dislike discord. there are thousands of people in the world who do not use it, just as there are thousands of people who prefer facebook to twitter or tiktok to instagram, just as there are thousands of people who prefer to call rather than text or text instead of calling or who prefers nexus to qhimm or like there are thousands of people who prefer to buy a physical game and own it instead of paying a streaming subscription and it's the company that decides what you can play each month or who prefers this tv or internet company over another etc etc your message was contemptuous, denigrating, it was just a discussion. I was never disrespectful in my messages. from now on I think the only thing I'm going to ask is if there's any news and say thank you... and that's if they answer me because from now on. I feel like they will do everything to not give me access to the new fields... and thank you Quid? to have a little understood my point of view :)
I think People want Entertainment and Facebook twitter tiktok and Instagram provides what they want.

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