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Misc Audio / [FF5 Steam] Audio Modding?
« on: 2015-09-28 21:33:55 »
Hi. I'm a big fan of audio mods, and was wondering if it would be possible with the recently released Steam version of FFV. I decided to investigate a little bit; This may be common knowledge to people here, but I wanted to share my findings in case it isn't. The audio is stored in Final Fantasy V\resources\wav; while the files are obviously not titled, the order follows the order of the Sound Test feature accessible from the title screen. I've tried replacing files with .ogg and .wav audio (renamed to .dat) and they both worked. I don't know anything about programming or even what goes into looping audio files correctly, but basically I was wondering if anyone more experienced could let me know if something like RaW, for example, would be do-able for this version of FFV.

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