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started a new game with the Ragnarok mode + no exp challenge (while not using rare card items). T

stepmine will be your friend :> enjoy did a noexp run on lionheart difficulty which was awesome fun to figure out some of the stuff :)

Can New Threat and 7th Heaven be applied to a psx emulator in windows? Or are they incompatible? Just asking out of curiosity.

7th heaven is designed for pc. the latest beta version is actually designed purely with the steam edition in mind.
the way the mod currently stands is incompatable with the psx and indeed emulation of the console. You could i guess do the field modifications alongside battle data. Having the innate abilities working will be tricky i guess. 

Goblin Song Enemy Skill
 - your documentation states that it revives KO'd allies but it does not do that, is this intended? please confirm

it used to revive inclusive of zombyfied party members.  this was changed months ago it only now sometime before febuary cant remember when exactly and was in the patch notes. if your  using a spell names mod, it may not reflect that change.  That enemyskill was way too overpowered before.

Found a weird bug. After defeating Jenova Death, Tifa won't appear in the scene, and thus the game is soft locked. I'll post a save.

have you any mods installed? any mods which contain field modifications may result in that bug. using your savefile was ok for me tried several times to reproduce.  please see the following link:

i added savefiles directly after the fight, at a savepoint, and upto the next progress. (seeing nibelheim) your own save slot was left untouched.

Here's the link to the savefile:

looks like animation missing for some odd reason I've got you past that please find enclosed savefile which will allow you to continue your progress

How do I attach a savefile here?

Zip the savefile: upload to a filesharing website then copy link address and paste the url.

I have installed the following mods via 7th Heaven and I'm using the Steam version:

1- [Tsunamods] Modern Spell Names. (Active)
2- Spell Textures. (Active)
3- Avalanche Arisen Battle Textures. (Active)
4- World Textures. (Active)
5- World Models. (Active)
6- Rebeerth Mod English. (Disabled)

Would any of these cause the bug that I mentioned prior?

(Edit) I've disabled every mod, and nothing. It happens all the same. I don't know what to do... BTW, how do I check what version I have of New Threat?

upload your savefile will try see what happens for me. i note that you disabled all mods. are you using 7th heaven as a mod manager if so it should tell u the version loaded upon clicking on the mod at the left hand side near the top of the window. by the way so you know qhimms discord is the quickest place to get assistance see threat: on how to join there is specific channel for #new-threat :)  usually someone will be active fairly quickly discord is a live messenging system.

I found a bug that doesn't allow me to continue the story. In the cargo ship when I'm battling against Jenova - Birth when I'm halfway through the fight after I've done a decent amount of damage when Jenova summons the tentacles and the jellyfish creatures the game just crashes, the music still plays, the characters move, but the game doesn't respond, I've left the game running for an hour and nothing, it stays the same, I've re-started the game and the battle again and the same thing happens... It's bizzarre... How can I fix this? How can I get past this obnoxious bug?

I'm playing the new threat story, scenario A, normal difficulty.

do you have other mods installed ? if so try disable all other mods other than new threat itself until past that battle. 
check if latest version if is try an older version of the mod to see if that battle will then work out ok.

so i guess switching between the modes at any point stops some materia from spawning? Or at least stops the added steal from appearing. Tested by saving before the rapps fight and fighting him on hard materia there, switched to normal and materia not, so it looks like if you ever switch off hard mode, it gets rid of the materia spawn.

part of reason i would guess is that hard mode with zero battle gil. added steal helps a huge amount. eg fire+all and fire+addedsteal paired makes if wanting to grind any steals go so much quicker ;)

its same normal if then switch to hard will be available then could switch back again if really wanted after picking it up (imo thats more of a bug).

switching between hard/normal however will come at a price later on depending on the type of run doing ;)

Hi people. Thank u for the work u do with the game!
First time installing a mod to FF7, so I went with Reunion as a mod platform and Im trying to install new threat. When I click in the download button on the first page of this thread, I go to a mega page that says the link is not valid. Is there a mirror for the files of the Reunion version?

slightly older version for reunion v2.09991:
it wont have a couple of the updates however is fully playable start to finish :)

Hey Sega Chief, sorry to bother you. I'm playing through 2.0 rn and I'm really enjoying it, but are there any plans to release the upgraded polygon field models from NT as standalone model swaps? (Cloud with the darker outfit, Aerith with the visible white materia, etc) I really like how they look compared to the og ones and it'd be really cool if they could be used in vanilla (I still love NT though)

You can use 7th heaven mod manger to use a fair amount of upscaled models.
check out  and field upscales... should be below newthreat there is a handy autosort (if mod makers of the other mods put in the priority and tested vs).

eg its possible to have the likes of new threat mod alongside eg. Satsuki's SYW Unified packs.

It's been over a day and I'm wondering if I should try messing with some of the files?

you can try mess with other mods, looks like field + model mods used in combination with new threat. just play about within 7th heaven mod manager alternatively check for full list of mods that the person has installed ... then copy them inclusive of mod load order.. tbh better off finding what you like yourself :)

Are Gospel Sparks still available in this? If so, where?

Spoiler: show
 theres one in the northern crater, can also get for winning the extra battle, think its 2-3 wins, theres a few different items given think its 4 or 5 for each time complete only once fight gilgamesh (foreign warrier)

Hello, I would like to report a bug for New Threat 2.0 Vanilla. When Aerith dies, instead of fighting Jenova Life, I find myself fighting the two Shinra soldiers from the first battle of the game after the train.

Running 7th Heaven (stable) with FFNx
Thanks for your time.

there are 2 checks the mod tells you about to ensure kernel/scene data is loaded correctly at start of game.
check inventory see if reactor bomb is present in list, alongside first fight should be labled MP's alongside having materia differences from original.
I'd be willing to bet that your running other mods alongside. ensure check your load order. some other mods may of also had field/battle edits most likely overriding new threats scene.bin file for that fight.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9999)
« on: 2024-02-19 11:15:15 »
What is up with Quadra Magic? When I use magic that has been linked to it, the spell is cast 8 times rather than 4 times.

When I revisited the basement of Nibelheim and
Spoiler: show
had the flashback where Zack dies, he fights an unwinnable battle, but with Cloud's battle model and name. Is this intentional, or is the battle supposed to have Zack's battle model? I'm using Ninostyle Battle mod, does that make a difference? Here's the list of all the mods I have, in order from top to bottom (using 7th Heaven):

60/30 FPS for NT 2.0, 60/30 FPS, Project Edge/Team Avalanche Remodeled Fields, Tsunamods: SYW Unified Field Textures, Avalanche Arisen Battle Textures, SYW Unfied Battle Textures, SYW Unified Spell Textures, SYW Unified Minigame Textures, Finishing Touch, Enhanced Stock UI, SYW Unified Worldmap Textures, Cosmo Memory, SYW Unified FMV, Ninostyle Battle, Ninostyle Chibi, ReMusic (NT compatibility), EDMusic soundtrack, Dracula9AntiChapel's arranged soundtrack, New Threat 2.0.

One of the lategame sidequests was obtaining the W-Item. Has the mod been balanced around using or not using the W-Item duplication glitch, that is, can I beat all the superbosses without requiring excessive grinding to farm Megalixirs, Hero Drinks and Gospel Sparks?

quadra magic was 'upgraded' to octo magic in a fairly recent update to the mod.  likely if still says quadra it will be a different mod which is causing to be displayed incorrectly.
regards grinding there really is no need for any grinding what so ever. materia / equipment is more important than levels etc, the mod can be beating without gaining exp for the entire run (which does require item farming) you should be able to beat superbosses without any of the above items that you mentioned above.   i've sucessfully done a lvl6 playthrough (exception barret and tifa they start game at lvl7) typeb without using w-item glitch on hard mode typeb nor using SP upgrade system.

regarding the return to nibelheim
Spoiler: show
 you can win the gauntlet of fights, however the reward is same for win/lose 

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9999)
« on: 2024-02-14 10:24:46 »
When attempting to download from 7th Heaven v3.3.1.0 I get the following error message:

08:50:21|ERROR|SeventhHeavenUI.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel|System.Exception: Google Drive - Quota exceeded

What should I do?

in the initial post: there are mega links. try those. download then import the iro via clicking on the iro files themselves after downloaded.  if that doesnt work right hand side near top within 7th heaven has import button browse to the IRO downloaded and import that.  failing above, if you nip onto qhimms discords new threat channel there is an IRO posted within there which can download then import via above methods.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9999)
« on: 2024-02-13 08:51:54 »
I don't think I had anything like that set up, but what I could do is max the steal chance and then have him react to the Steal command to disable the Reflect.

That's quite a bad bug, maybe something was toggled to test something and the toggle wasn't removed. I'll try and get it sorted ASAP, thanks for letting me know and taking the time to figure out the source of it.

I think I might have an idea of how this happened. The variable that was used to determine Type A and Type B is one of the ones that was originally used by the character AI in battles to track actions that were intended to influence the Gold Saucer date later in the game but which were ultimately left unused (despite being operational). I think it's the one used to track points for Tifa, and it's affected whenever Cloud covers the character or whenever the character is KO'd (or maybe revived/healed) in battle I think.

I'll need to change the flag used to a different address as vanilla combat uses the vanilla kernel with this AI operational. I think so long as Tifa is in the party and Cloud has Cover, or if Tifa is KO'd/healed maybe, there'll be a risk of the flag being accidentally flipped.

This is a very good example of how bad coding practices can come back to bite you eventually.

could swear depended on which side you cast from left or right with the direction boss was facing too?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9999)
« on: 2024-02-11 11:46:07 »
Thanks for the new patch!

I've got a question about the ability Goblin Song: the description says it "rouses KO'd allies", so how do you use it? I've tried to use it on all party members several times, but so far, it does nothing to characters that are at 0 HP, and misses all the other characters.

Something else I noticed: Aerith is able to equip Cid's Scimitar. Is this a bug or an intended feature?

there was a change a little while ago to goblin song as per patch notes, it no longer rouses ko'd allies. maybe another mod spell names or something is using old description if have installed too.  Should of beeen Annoys enemies, which means inflicting fury status, would make them miss more and i believe (not 100% on this) take a little more dmg.

regarding other question that is intended, she can equip several of cids weapons mostly halbreg styled due to being
Spoiler: show
 able to continue with story progression end disc1, needed a few extra weapons

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9999)
« on: 2024-02-11 08:05:00 »
Hello Sega Chief.

Thank you for the new update. I have a doubt: Did you change the location of "Added Steal"? The materia was in the abandon train station.

that depends on which mode your playing normal/hard.
Spoiler: show
 you could toggle mode (and pick up)

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9998)
« on: 2024-02-05 12:06:50 »

can cause clipping issues, it also can cause issues with vechiles going on/off them and a few other things too. 3x seems ok (if not using 60fps mod).

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9997)
« on: 2023-12-28 17:55:07 »

  • I cannot remember which of my save files is which game type (A or B), is there a way to verify the game type for a specific save file?
  • While trying to start over, I noticed that the game type selection menu does not work properly, in that selecting return while navigating game type still causes the game to start. Is this a known issue, or should I consider reinstalling?

1) bosses depending on which gamepoint in time your at maybe altered. theres most likely something contained within the savefile too.

2) no idea on second one, perhaps load order issue? should give choice A/B alongside hard/normal toggleExP option. then starts, try check load order there is an autosort on the right hand side 1/9 of 7th heaven mod manager if your using that suggest try that.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9997)
« on: 2023-12-09 18:29:00 »

Side note: Octa Magic only is Quad Magic (only uses magics 4 times not 8 like description says) Also the KotR fight is a joke man - just not even fun.

octa works fine here via 7th heaven with just new threat.  maybe useful if u posted full list of mods running. only issue have seen is can say 4x which is eusi change.

a little advice for kotr fight
Spoiler: show
 hourglass omega will significantly make that fight easier. 
try explore possible status effects if struggle at all with any bosses.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9997)
« on: 2023-11-17 06:37:53 »
Hello. I was using the search option to look over for a troubleshooting, but find nothing, so... Hope someone can help me with my problem.
I had no issues until reaching Gold Saucer for the first time. After Caith Sith joins the party, I try to go over to the GP minigames in the same section (wonder square), then the screen freezes in the "loading" between scenarios. The game is still running as I can still hear the background music, but nothing happens.
I tried to solve this issue by testing the save file in two different PCs, getting the same result.

if your using 7th heaven mod manager try placing the Mod higher in the load priority list otherwise can try is to disable any field modifications. If that still doesnt help to resolve, upload savefile. 

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9997)
« on: 2023-11-13 15:36:54 »
Is there a place to download older versions of New Threat like 1.4? Whilst I am enjoying 2.0 and you do a fantastic job with this mod, I get a little sad when I see things that were once in 1.4 is missing in 2.0 like the bronze dragon fight with the Guard Scorpion, and boss fights for final limits and such.

in the very first post

[quote author = Segachief]
[Prototypes & Variants]

New Threat v1.5
Stand-alone Installer[/url]
7th Heaven IRO

*This is the previous build of the mod; it contains content that was cut from 2.0 and a different approach to balancing. It's still being maintained alongside the latest build.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9996)
« on: 2023-09-25 17:27:25 »
Hi all - First of all thanks Sega Chief for creating such an awesome mod! I was able to play through New Threat partially before. However, I wanted to pick it back up recently and start a new game.

But I am not able to get the dialogue to pop up to allow me to select Type A or Type B... does anyone know why? I uninstalled and reinstalled my Steam version of FF7, uninstalled and reinstalled the 7th heaven mod manager (v3.2 I believe), and disabled all other mods except "New Threat 2.0". It just jumps straight to the opening FMV.

Would greatly appreciate any advice!

try switch ffnx to stable/canary which ever one it isnt at.
otherwise can try portable version of ffnx.
another alternative you could try is via using new threats installer which changes the base game, and no need to use 7th heaven.

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