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Releases / Re: FF7 create new fields
« on: 2024-06-07 17:10:40 »
Shampignon this is awesome! How can we play this on 7th Heaven?
The first screen is too sharp or highlights the realistic side too much. Just a constructive feedback and my humble opinion.

Will you explore more of unseen Midgar sectors in future? Not even SE is going to do that.
Would be possible to add a new Summon?

General Discussion / Re: [FF7R] Rebirth Compendium
« on: 2024-05-28 22:11:19 »

General Discussion / Re: Where is Roses and Wine
« on: 2024-05-18 07:38:16 »
You can find it here:

Long story short: 7th Heaven improved a lot. Same goes for the catalog, all mods are available inside of the new 7th Heaven mod manager... but with different mod label.
Before it was a mess: all mods in one package and difficult to update, now each mod has their author mentioned and they can easily get updated from the mod author, it's more organised.

Start with the must install mods. You will not regret it.


I have investigated too the posibility to make the japanese language compatible with 7th heaven. But its complicated. Main problem is that the japanese text-fonts, needs a lot of symbols (characters) to be used , for example if the english textfonts needs 1 set of symbols, japanese needs 6, and the ff7 english version seems to be limited to only 1 block. So after think a lot how to break that limits or make some tricky change , i only have two posibilities, if someone wants to keep going with all of this:
1-In the FF7 PSX the texts characters came from the file Window.bin, in FF7 PC the texts came from a .png files from menu_us.lgp (usfont). If in someway the PC version could be forced to use the window.bin file to print the characters, maybe it could use the window.bin file from the PSX japanese game
2- This requires a lot of work and the japanese version will lose the texts with color. The idea is : the english version has two .png files that has all the english characters, the equivalent to 1 set of symbols, but we can use the other files that contains the same block of symbols but in other color. But as i said this would require to remap the .png files ,the window.bin (the font space values), and replace every japanese character ingame with the combination of  color-character, for example   i know that the character  ç its only displayed if in makou reactor  use this  {CYAN}*{CYAN}. An unknown problem its if its posible to use this technique in the Wall Market and Proud Clod tool.
I hope this could be helpful to someone
An interesting thread but for PS1.

Btw Markul you can check FFNx GitHub thread, as well.

Hey there, there must be a solution.

First of all send us a screenshot of 7H Game Driver Settings
Secondly, try to turn off SYWU fields and see if the slowdown is still there.
Third option, try to turn off advanced light in game driver settings and see if the slowdown is still there.
Last but not least try to turn off mod one by one and see which one could cause the issue.

Let us know.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC][7H] Avatares-Edit
« on: 2024-04-12 11:04:15 »

If this can help to get better picture quality:

[JP] Official website
[JP] Official chara poll

The first four options yes, not the others.

I'm a noob but really love The Cetra Project's two mod .iros.  Generally, are there any grossly incompatible mods or mod categories that I should avoid using in tandem (i.e. World Textures, Field Textures, etc.)?  Is it ill advised to use mods like ESUI or Echo-S in conjunction with Cetra?  Thanks!
You can't have multiple mods that strive to achieve the same thing.
In the case of The Cetra Project 3D Model Pack mod, as far as you don't have any other character field models pack you will be good to go.

The best mod out there for Remake UI. And now with Ever Crisis options.


Glad you like the list. We should all be thankful for these heroes modding our favorite game.

Also, I'd suggest joining the Discord server, it will be easier to support you.

Troubleshooting / Re: Best MODS without 7th Heaven
« on: 2024-02-17 10:15:37 »
Yes. FFNx.

Or SYW Unified.

Also, I'd suggest joining the Discord server, it will be easier to support you.

Long story short: yes. You must choose between IFRIT and ESUI + RT/FT. Just updated the list.

IFRIT it's for who does not want to change much the OG battle UI. But IFRIT might be obsolete very soon if a new mod appears.

General Discussion / Re: [FF7R] Rebirth Discussion & News
« on: 2024-02-06 23:26:06 »
The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is now live on PlayStation Store. #FF7R

First time I've heard Cosmo Canyon's track I could not understand if it was the original or your version. Super!



You are asking for a 2010 old mod. I'm not sure the folder structure would be OK, you can try to 7H>Tools>IRO Tools>Select Folder>Save as IRO <-Good luck.

On another hand, you really should check this out and download the new 7th Heaven and new mods, it's another planet.

You will not regret it, here the thread for the must-install mods:


Yes, you can download last 7H version here. No issue, enjoy this new masterpiece by Cosmos!

Hi Template, you need to first update both 7th Heaven and FFNx in General Settings. Then click on Reset Defaults in General Settings. That should be doing. Oh and of course select Widescreen 16:9 from Game Driver Settings.

Postscriptthree's Tweaks

Must Install Mods

General Discussion / Re: FF7EC Models
« on: 2023-12-28 21:28:47 »
Long story short: Yes. You will see that in future but not here on Qhimm.
There has been talking about FF7EC models, Tsuna already show on his Twitch a sample of it. IMHO too tall in-game but there is still a lot to do.

I would suggest to come back and see around June 2024; Cait, Vincent and Cid's models should be in FF7 Ever Crisis by that time.
Also musics, dialogue window, portrait are taken in consideration.

Just a matter of time.

General Discussion / Re: FF7EC Models
« on: 2023-12-28 19:56:53 »
There is a little risk about Vincent and Cid since they are not going to be playable in Rebirth, they might not add them in Ever Crisis yet.

We will see what's going to happen.

The picture is not showing. Could you upload the picture here and send it?

WIP / Re: FFVII: Shinra Archaeology Cut
« on: 2023-12-11 12:37:04 »
Congratulations on the first release and many to come!

Please send screenshots.

General Discussion / Re: [FF7R] Rebirth Discussion & News
« on: 2023-12-08 10:26:36 »
Information -Part 3-
Spoiler: show

Our Reality
  • Bugenhagen is blind and moving on a big materia confirmed
  • Cid does have a shuttle service and doesn't smoke (so far)
  • Mr. Coates is now named Solemn Gus
  • Madam M is at Gold Saucer (or Cargo?)
  • Dyne reveal
  • Dancebattle with Dio probably
  • Whispers flying behind where Aerith is supposed to die (black feathers)
  • Doctor Sheiran (who healed Tifa) does research on hooded Plebs to find a cure for their "illness"
  • Vincent Face reveal
  • Titan, Phoenix and Bahamut Arisen (Neo Bahamut) showed
  • Relationships and bonding play a huge part
  • Gold Saucer Date and theatre (Loveless) Script is based on the bonds
  • You can date all characters from OG (Aerith, Tifa, Barret, Yuffie) so far
  • Jessie is in the theatre but it's a VR version of her
  • Aerith is speaking to the whispers or ancients and not to a single person when asking for strenght
  • Locations: Cave of the Gi? Junon underground reactor or Cargo Ship basement? Cargo ship, Corel Prison, GS stations + GS Haunted Hotel
  • Cid with Tiny Bronco "runs a shuttle service out of various abandoned airstrips."

Zack's Reality
  • Zack speaking about feeling every single bullet (wonders why he is alive?)
  • Reactors are indeed flat
  • Biggs is planning revenge since he's the only living Avalanche Member
  • Aerith is in a coma in their reality
  • Marlene says that a scary man is going to kill her if/when she wakes up

German Translation of the Lyrics:
I don't dare speak of fate
Or to call it predestination
But what else could it have been
That lead me to you
Just coincidence?
I hope ...
That we will meet again soon
Even if I don't yet know
Where or when
But i think..
No, i know, that you will find me
We don't need promises
That bind us together

TGA trailer

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