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Update 1.11 (page 1):
-Updated FFNx to version
-Fixed the 'run by default' option that could cause issues with certain game sequences.
-Fixed some underwater textures with the Gaia mod.
-Added the latest official fixes from the limit break mod (the game is now playable in true 16/9 without major texture bugs, especially on the last screens that were problematic).

Hi, I noticed some different rng with this mod installed... if I lead the same save on vanilla steam vs with SYW, I'll get different encounters.

It's not a big deal, but is a setting that changes things? Could I revert back?

Also, thanks so much for the great mods.
Should not as i use steam's kernel file for my pack, be sure not to have enabled any gameplay mod

version 1.10 (1° post):
-Updated FFNx to version
-Updated FFNx FF7Music to version 1.3.2.
-Optimization/Fix of real 16:9 screens following a complete playthrough: sininb34, itown2, nivl_b1, nivl_b12, mrkt4, sinbil_1, nivl_e1, convil_4, mtnvl3, losin1, sninn_2, icedun_2, trnad_3, bugin1b, las2_1, las4_2, las4_3.
-Fixed a bug with Cloud's animation being too fast in combat with ChaOs models if dynamic swords and 30/60fps battles are enabled simultaneously.

I'm not offended, just wanted to make it clear, you can do as you want as long as you respect gpl3 and ask each original mod's author for permission (if you're going to the full pack's way, if you're going to the 3rd party mod way you only need to ask the Echo-S author).

I want you to rename this project because it's not my pack and i don't want user to be confused to where ask for support.
->if you go to the full's pack way you may name it FF7 Echo-S AIO for exemple (as long it's ok with the Echos-S author too) (and of course share source etc ..)
->if you go to the 3rd party mod way you may name it Echo-S for FF7_SYW_U and state in the description it's a addon for the official FF7_SYW_U

Again you can do as you want as long as you respect gpl3 and authors, if you don't have time nor will to do this, i can do nothing for you, i'm 45, goning to have a baby in about 2 month, and work full time, so i have less and less free time.

I don't insist and I respect you. You will have your reasons, that's right.
Could you just point me to someone capable? I don't know how to do it, I can only give directions. Someone or a group.
Thanks! ^_^
I think that most FF7's modders already don't have enought free time to do all le modding they want to, so i don't think any capable modder will loose time to port a mod like Echo-S witch is perfectly integrated in 7th.
Again you must undertand that:
-My pack's goal is to provide and easy way to use FF7 with all 4 lang's exe with maximum compatibility beween mods/langs combinations.
-As Echo-s is only compatible with english's exe and as it's also heavily modding scripts from the game (it must be to provide accurate voice acting), it's compatible mostly with textures/models but isn't with most of gameplay's most patch, etc... so you don't get any benefits to run Echo-s from my pack VS runing it from 7th heaven 

I say my pack is opensource but :

If you want to make an addon for my current pack:
-You MUST get from Echo-S author the autorisation to use his work in your addon.

If you want to make a 100% new pack, based on mine and with Echo-S added:
-You MUST get the autorisation from each author of each part of the mod (included translations, patch... look at the about part and each mod's help) - you have my autorisation for my parts of the work.
-Don't use the same name (to avoid confusions for the users as i'll provide support for my version only), but tells in the pack's description it's based on mine with all link etc.
-You MUST respect and apply the GPL3 licence i used to release my pack

Yes, but what if I commissioned you to do this? I know it sounds strange but, why not? After all, at least you already have it at hand. Don't feel like spending some time on it? That's right, you have your reasons. However, if you could, I'll offer you a donation of €100. Let me know.
Money won't change my mind about it, the pack allow the make of trid party mods so you can add echo-s yourself if you realy want it.

I've had my say. I think you're doing it wrong (terrible wrong) ...after everything you've entered. It seems like the definitive version of a real remastered and customizable FF7. Anyway, a Good Sunday everyone anyway! You too ^_^
My pack is opensource, you can use it to do your own.
You can also make an addon yourselft for my current pack and share it (it's well documented in the help part of my current pack)

Have you thought that you could add it anyway and that it would automatically deactivate incompatible mods? It's a half/solution, why not?
because it's not the goal of my AIO pack, if you want Echo-S, you can get it work easily with 7th as my pack won't have a real advantage vs 7th for this specific case

You're doing a monstrous job. Compliments.
But I must tell you that as a final step, one day you won't be able to miss adding the mod that gives voice to the characters. I'm sorry but I think so. This mega patch of yours (AIO) will have a completely different value.

Voices to FF7 AKA echo-s is a realy complex mod, it'll be almost impossible to port it to other langs and it's not compatible with most other mods and patch (appart textures ones), and as the goal of my pack is to provide compatibility between included mod/lang as much as possible, it's not relevent to add echo-s to it

Update 1.09 (page 1):
-Updated FFNx to version (fixes launch issues with Shadow systems).
-Fixed a bug with certain windows and display zoom exceeding 175%, which made the pack unusable.
-Fixed a bug with Cloud's ChaOs combat models at 30/60 fps.
-Fixed some NinoStyle models for eyes.
-Fixed a bug at chocobo farm if NT mod + lighting was enabled at the same time.
-Fixed screens in real 16/9 mode (chorace, chorace2, nivl_b1, nivl_b12, trnad_51, hyou9, kuro7, mds5_3, loslake2).
-Optimized screens in real 16/9 mode (anfrst_1 and anfrst_2).
-Optimized dynamic swords in Cloud's past sequences.
-Removed the patch to hide pyramids in combat, as it no longer functions and the mod author has not provided a fix at this time.

Managed to install the mod on my Steam Deck OLED by following the instructions, and it's great so far. There seems to be a graphical error with the Vulkan driver however. Attached some photos, but it looks like you can see the wire mesh on the 3D models (particularly pronounced on lighter colours, like Cloud's hair or Tifa's top). I'm using the OLED preset but after messing around with the graphical drivers, it seems the Vulkan driver is the culprit (the others are very light, which I assume is the colour issue mentioned in the instructions). Not sure if this is a known bug or if there was a setting I could tweak to fix it, but couldn't find any information on it.

Link to some images:
try to play in desktop mode instead of game mode

Hello Satsuki.

Right now I´m working on avatars, I would like to edit yours HD avatars, do I have your permission?, obviously I´ll give you credits.
No problem with me but you'll need to ask Aavock's too , we worked both on them (

Version 1.08:
-Added missing dependency for the trainer (needed with some computers).
-Corrected a folder collision bug.

You may got this bug after 1.07 update:

if so just delete this folder (no real impact on game it's a realy small fix) i'll push an update to correct that in a few days (hours maybe)

Update 1.07, link in first post
-Updated FFNx version
-Fixed a bug with external SFX (via FFNx update)
-Fixed a rare slowdown when engaging in dialogue with certain NPCs (ChaOs or NinoStyle models only)
-Fixed the Cait Sith reporter model with NinoStyle models
-Fixed bug that the ancient temple clock was not synchronized with the 60 fps patch
-Fixed the color of the chocobos in the farm field when lighting is enabled
-Added a trainer function for more advanced mods
-Added the dynamic weapons mod for both ChaOs and NinoStyle models
-Added the 1 gil mod where you cannot have more than 1 gil on you during the game
-Added progressive difficulty mods (monster levels are relative to Cloud's level throughout the game)

I'm still somewhat new to this mod, but how do I access 'Battle test' in Gameplay mods? I have it enabled, but I'm not sure how to actually activate it in game? Is there a secret NPC somewhere or a button combo? Any help is appreciated!
just read the help ^^' :
Battle test:
Add a new NPC to the "las02" field.

Talking to the NPC will allow you to select and start a specific battle.

Useful if you are a modder and want to test a specific battle without playing the full game.

How do I get the game to show the PSX controller icons? I have my DS4 connected and it works fine, but it still shows the PC icons (SWITCH) and such instead.
You can't with this AIO pack


I would like to install the iro file for Chinese Traditional version in Taiwan,
and try many time to install it with showing garbled characters.... :(

Could you please teach me how to install it ?

Much appreciated. :)

CHT iro file link:
You mean with 7th or in my AIO pack ?


SYW Unified FMV package won't finish the download using 7th Heaven app, all mods work as intended btw

here's the error log

05:42:01|INFO|SeventhHeavenUI.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel|Starting download using URL:
05:42:02|INFO|SeventhHeavenUI.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel|Error installing [Tsunamods] SYW Unified FMV - The mod is queued for install.
05:42:02|ERROR|SeventhHeavenUI.ViewModels.MainWindowViewModel|System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot determine compressed stream type. Supported Archive Formats: Zip, Rar, 7Zip, GZip, Tar

edit: nvm, fixed it by manually installing the iro
it's not a 7th support thread but in this case refresh the catalogs in 7th, it's often due to an updated link

Hello Satsuki.

Recently I noticed that your mod has a transparency option for the menu:

Right now I using 7th and I didn´t find an option or mod that applies this for the classic menu style. Do you have this menu in a Iro? Could you share it, please?
it's not menu dependant, it's only a couple of hext lines from FFNx's hext folder witch can be appliyed to any mod.
not sure if a mod provide it or if you can apply it from 7th FFNx's setting, but you could easily do your own iro for it and share ikt with anyone ^^

Version 1.06 update (dl links page 1):
-Updated FFNx version
-Updated Como Memory version 1.14
-Updated Black Chocobo version
-Updated New Threat mod version 2.0.99994
-Fixed "Always run" patches causing crashes if used simultaneously with footstep sounds
-Fixed "True wait" patches causing crashes in combat (French versions only)
-Fixed the mog game screen in the Gold Saucer in 16:9
-Fixed cutscenes having incorrect audio tracks when using Cosmo Memory (except intro)
-Fixed crash in Gi Cave with the French version of the New Threat mod
-Fixed missing '@' in Aavock's UI
-Optimised alignments in menus with the 30,000 HP/MP option
-Added a button (in the "Help" section) to create a debug archive you can provide in case of bug report

Hello, and congratulations on the great translation work. However, I must point out 2 errors that I don't know whether or not they are connected to the simultaneous presence of some mod.
1 is this (startup), but to avoid it you just have to not select the mode 16/9 stretched):
I told you this one is related to my pack and will be corrected in next update.
The ingame crash is probably related to the Italian retranslation but you can also try to reproduice it with as much as vanilla game and no patch to be sure it's not due to some memory patch ^^

Have tried modding FF7 many times over the years and have largely been frustrated by its opaque and obtuse nature. Glad to see a project like this that makes life extremely simple with clear cut explanations of how everything functions and what it will look like.

I'm curious as to whether there's any way to use the Beacause translation with this? My understanding is it's exclusive to The Reunion but I was wondering if it was possible to use both, and if so, how might one go about doing this?

Reunion is a mostly closed project and his author... well... logn story short i won't include it in any way to my AIO pack

I have various translations into Italian, maybe we can find one that doesn't cause any trouble, and now we have the opportunity to try. Can I send them to you? could you try? be gentle. I'll take care of testing everything.
send information by MP and i'll try to make a modpack so you can test all and we keep the better one

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