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[SOLVED] Ff7 Remako not working, 7th heaven is. :(

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I've watched the video and read the instructions on how to do it, but I cant get the remako mod to work. Other mods do work for 7th heaven, but I cant get teh texture mods to work. 
Steps i've done   
Ran the ff7 game converter, ive renamed a usb as the ff7Disk 1 and that created it just fine.   
Installed 7th heaven, 1.56 and 1.54 and set up the proper file path accordingly.   
set up Gl driver configurations / ali driver configurations (this looks ok, might not be 1-1 like the guide.   
Installed the yuv.frag file  and put it in the shadders folder   
put all of the texture files of remako into the mods folder   
did not import the fvm's for now   
went into both versions of 7th heaven and imported the iro files and launched. 
  other mods work, this one does not, ive also encountered the weird error code 5 because of the new windows 10 updated and had ff7 exe launch in 680 by 420 or whatever. any ideas? ive been at this all day.

Paste your ff7_opengl.cfg file... odds are there's a path or option set incorrectly

Thanks for the fast response

# ff7_opengl-0.8.1b config file

## If you just want to play the game, these are the only options you'll want to change.

# set the window size (or fullscreen resolution) of FF7
# 0 means use original resolution in window mode, your current desktop resolution will be used in fullscreen mode
# preserve_aspect adds black borders as needed to preserve a 4:3 aspect ratio
window_size_x = 0
window_size_y = 0
internal_size_x = 3840
internal_size_y = 2160
preserve_aspect = on
fullscreen = on

# mod directory
# subdirectroy of mods/ where textures will be loaded from
mod_path = Textures

# check your Nvidia/ATI/Intel control panel settings if this option doesn't seem to work
enable_vsync = on

# allow FF7 to use linear filtering for its textures
# some things look slightly better with this option on, but alot of textures just lose their detail
# only affects low-res textures, high-res replacements will still be filtered where appropriate
linear_filter = off

# plugin used to play music, VGMstream requires a set of looping .ogg files in the music/vgmstream folder.
# If no music plugin is loaded the game will play MIDI as usual but FF7Music will NOT work.
music_plugin = plugins/vgmstream_music.fgp

## All the little extras that weren't part of the original game, default options include only trivial bug fixes.

# make all dialog boxes transparent, same effect as the transparent dialog boxes YAMP patch
transparent_dialogs = on

# include armor in magic defense calculation
mdef_fix = yes

# minigame fixes

# post-processing shader, used to apply fullscreen effects
post_source = shaders/All_Bloom2Dark/Bloom2Dark.post
enable_postprocessing = yes

## Don't fiddle with these unless you know what you're doing.

# enable alpha blending for textures without an existing blending effect
fancy_transparency = yes

# display frames per second counter in upper right corner
show_fps = on

# display some real-time debug information
show_stats = off

# store external textures in a compressed cache for increased performance
# compression is not lossless, some artifacts may appear when this option is in use
# texture cache does NOT update automatically if the source image changes, however, deleting anything from the cache
# will cause that file to be recreated from the source
compress_textures = no

# max size of the texture cache to hold in RAM, in megabytes
# don't set it any higher than 1GB unless you want your game to crash
texture_cache_size = 768

# use pixel buffer objects to speed up texture loading
# might crash horribly on ATI cards but should work for NVIDIA users
use_pbo = yes

# use mipmaps (anisotropic filtering) for high-res textures
use_mipmaps = yes

# replace FF7's default framelimiter timer source
use_new_timer = yes

# plugin used to play movies, FFMpeg is the only choice for now
movie_plugin = plugins/ffmpeg_movies.fgp

## These options are mostly useful to modders and should not be enabled during normal play.

# read files directly instead of using LGP archives
# for example; if FF7 is looking for aaab.rsd in char.lgp, this option will make it open direct/char/aaab.rsd first,
# if this file doesn't exist it will look for the original in the LGP archive
direct_mode = on

# show every failed attempt at loading a .png texture
show_missing_textures = off

# extern additional library
load_library = Multi.dll

apart from vsync (which is usually unneeded) and shaders (which cause no end of strangeness), everything seems normal in your opengl config.  Next step... run 7H, and click the 'Profile Details' button, then ctrl-a (select all), ctrl-c (copy), and paste those results into a reply.  Time to see if there's conflicting mods or a load-order issue.


--- Quote from: Hoboayoyo on 2019-11-10 18:12:52 ---put all of the texture files of remako into the mods folder   

--- End quote ---

Did you put them into... \mods\Textures?


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